parenting in crisis mode

parenting in crisis

The times will arise, and I’m sure you unfortunately know what I’m talking about. The inevitable and sucky days and weeks that you have to parent in SURVIVAL MODE. It might be due to illness, depression, a death in the family, or just plain exhaustion…but it will happen. I crossed this awful bridge recently as […]

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featured ice cream

ice cream bread

You had me at ice cream! It doesn’t take much to convince me to eat anything ice cream related, so it was a no brainer that I would try my hand at Ice Cream Bread. I love baking, but homemade bread from scratch isn’t my forte. If you’re anything like me in the bread department, […]

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Honor, duty, respect, gratitude These are the words I think of when Memorial Day comes around. It’s such a busy time of year with school coming to a close, the warm weather drawing us outdoors for fun and yard work that we can easily take the federal holiday for granted. Many of us probably have […]

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lessons learned as a law enforcement wife

12 years ago I made a commitment to enter into a relationship with a man that was strong, kind, smart and determined.  A year into that relationship we made a new commitment, one that would forever change our lives.  We became a Law Enforcement Family.  My husband took a vow to protect and serve those […]

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last day of school

school’s out for summer

I love celebrating.  I am always finding ways to celebrate the little things in our life.  The Last Day of School is no exception!  As summer gets closer and closer, we are all having wonderful dreams.  No homework, sleeping in, days with nowhere to be, and the possibility of so many fun activities over the […]

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keep your chin up

don’t give up on community

Dear behind-the-scenes mom, Isn’t it easy to feel invisible in this role? Somehow we fade away behind the laundry, cute babies and even small talk, not to mention the tightly constructed guard we put up to protect ourselves from being seen with critical eyes. There are so many ways to feel unseen, unheard and disconnected in our daily […]

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10 things motherhood ruined for me

Now that the you are done basking in the warm glow of Mother’s Day, and you’re back to real life, let’s be honest with one another.  Sometimes motherhood sucks.  There aren’t any books or any advice that can fully prepare you for the changes you make in your life once you become a mother.  I […]

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Bored Collage 1

let them be bored

Are your kids counting the days yet? Mine definitely are. Only seventeen more school days until summer vacation! We have so many plans for summer. Swimming. Playing volleyball. Softball games. Basketball camp. Our options seem endless. But past experience tells me there will come a point when I’ll hear those three dreaded words: “Moooooom, I’m […]

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