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morning sickness is the enemy

Morning sickness. Whoever thought of that term was never pregnant. I call it all-day-suck-the-life-out-of-me-sickness. That’s right. Starting at 6 weeks, I have been throwing up, dry heaving and feeling nauseous ALL.DAY.LONG.  I am 14 weeks now and everyone keeps telling me it’s going to end soon. I will say it’s getting better, but I can’t […]

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The resolutions have passed, it’s mid March and you are either well on your way of a new you or happy with the you you already are! Maybe you had good intentions to try a new gym or start the gym and never stepped foot inside, or maybe you did and quickly found your way […]

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easter fun

Easter Fun in the Quad Cities

Ready…set….GO! Those three words are some of my kids’ favorites. They love to run, race, jump, and do any kind of little scavenger hunt.   With Easter right around the corner, the Quad City Mom’s Blog  wanted to highlight a few local egg hunting and Easter Bunny activities for your spring family fun! Aledo: Easter Egg […]

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healthy temptations

I have a confession to make: when M & Ms are in a little heart shaped dish on the counter, I eat them. In spite of my best intentions, I just do. The same rule applies for girl scout cookies and kettle cooked potato chips, I scarf them down, and they’re worth every calorie, mmm mmm mm mmm mm. But […]

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a mom’s guide to smartphones

Smartphones are everywhere, and as the functionality advances, so must user knowledge. Many people don’t consider themselves tech savvy, but still want to be able to use their phone daily. When I started in the cellular industry almost twelve years ago as a customer service representative, we had just received the first camera phone. Now, […]

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Decisions Collage 2

decisions, decisions

What would you do in the following situation? Your daughter says her tummy hurts. It could be the flu – several kids in her class have been sick. Or it could be nerves. She’s been worrying about the spelling bee today. Would you send her to school or keep her home? How about this one? She […]

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vet birthday party

My oldest child came “of age” this year.  Of age, that is, for a “friend birthday party,” which is a pretty coveted thing in our house.  I wanted her to have a large say in the planning of said party, so we approached it as a team, but I also set the parameters of it […]

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healthy breakfast ideas

Being healthy can be a hard task for us moms. I am going to share some tricks I have learned to keep healthy and nutritious foods available for those busy mornings. Instead of grabbing a fattening pastry, a fast food breakfast sandwich or worse yet, nothing at all, try a smoothie packed with fruits, vegetables, […]

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makeup 13

makeup favorites

  I love makeup. I love experimenting with different colors, methods, brands, and products. But lately, I’ve been in a makeup rut. The cold weather, drier skin, and aging have made my makeup routine boring and antiquated. So I thought I would poll some of our writers and readers and put together a list of […]

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no peeking

no peek beef

I was looking for some new quick recipes and a good friend of mine suggested No Peek Beef. The first time I made it I was hooked! Its easy, quick to prepare and delicious. If you’re ever in need of a never fail, go-to recipe, add No Peek Beef to the top of your list!   INGREDIENTS 2lb […]

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spring break 5

kid’s guide to vacation planning

We are counting down the days for spring break.  It’s just 10 days until we leave for a week of family time in Washington D.C.  No, not the beach or anywhere sunny where we can get a tan, but the nation’s capital.  My daughter, Rosie, actually put the idea about going to D.C. in our […]

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a lazy mom’s guide to a clean (enough) house

I’m convinced that cleaning schedules on Pinterest are designed to make me feel bad about the state of my house. I know I’m not the only mom who has hung a lovely little printable cleaning schedule on my fridge in a fit of delusion. These typically include crazy ideas like vacuuming every day. Or vacuuming any day. But […]

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