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declaration of independence from pressure about youth sports

One thing is for sure: my boys are passionate kids. From identifying fossils to memorizing Star Wars trivia and obsessing over facts about U.S. Presidents, they’ve explored many interests over the years. When something sparks their curiosity, they dive in headfirst, spirits soaring. Their enthusiasm is contagious and fills our home with joy. Whether it’s science […]

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made you feel

dear tsa agent

Dear TSA Agent, I am sure that you screen hundreds of people every day, and you probably don’t remember me or my family, but I remember you.  I remember people who make me cry. It was my family’s first vacation together, and my children’s first time on a plane.  At the time, they were 7 […]

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moms night out | faq

We are so excited for our next Moms Night Out on Thursday. We think it’s going to be a great way to roll into the holiday season – with great food and drinks, awesome shopping opportunities and pampering, and some amazing women like you. There are still tickets available! .     Just in case […]

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the gifts of infertility

Let’s start this with an immediate disclaimer: There are no real GIFTS of infertility.  It’s a fate you would not wish on your worst enemy.  It is crying in the shower and throwing tests against the wall and avoiding Target and their giant baby-carrying carts, to say the least.  It’s trying to feel joy for […]

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Gus and Remi

horsing around

Recently my boys and I were watching the movie the Black Stallion and it brought back a childhood memory of my uncles horse that had gotten loose and was running down the road with his long black mane and tail flowing behind him.  I have always loved horses but was never fortunate enough to have […]

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six ways to save money on party decor

six ways to save money on party decor

I truly believe that almost anything can be a cause for celebration. You had a great day. Let’s celebrate! It’s your half-birthday? PARTY TIME! You showered today? Well … I wouldn’t throw a party for just any shower. But if you shaved your legs … it’s practically a holiday! I love hosting parties and entertaining, but […]

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mommy confessions….

I don’t know about you…but there are times when I wonder “Am I fully qualified for this mom gig?”  I blame social media for my occasional break down in confidence.  Between the posts about the, healthy, organic, whole food lunches perfectly prepared with a loving note or the continual images of Easter Bunny visits following a […]

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lice lessons

It was a day just like any other day. Hubby had left for work, and I was making the bed. As I folded another blanket, I stopped. “Lice…,” I randomly thought to myself. “I really hope I never have to deal with lice.” Then, poof, the thought was gone. And I went about my merry […]

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have a seat

I’ve always been a fan of vintage and retro furniture as well as working with my hands, it’s a fun hobby my husband and I have in common. We’ve been holding on to an old set of 1980-something bar stools and figured with Spring arriving now is the perfect time to refinish the stools. We’ve never […]

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