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Conflict. Confrontation.Disagreement.Dissension. Dispute. Clash. Collide.  Is your stomach roiling and your blood pressure rising at the thought? Perhaps you’re struggling with conflict right now?   For the most part of my life I’ve done a pretty good job at avoiding conflict. I thought I was an expert of “ain’t nobody got time for that” conflict stuff […]

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While I may not have years of parenting experience, I have learned more about myself and life in my four short months as a mom than I ever thought possible. Life lesson #1: Embrace the Unexpected I have always been a planner…almost to a fault.  Over the years, I have often caught myself forgetting to […]

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top 10 things in my van

No matter my attempts to keep my van clean-there are always 4 kids lugging things in and never out. As I was waiting for kids the other day (because the life of a mom requires driving your kids all over town and then waiting for them-can I get a fist bump?) my phone was dead […]

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being a scout mom

Whether it be Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts or even Girl Scouts, Scouting is a place where children learn valuable character building and life lessons.  It is not all knot tying, cookie/popcorn selling, and patches.  While there are all three of those things, there is so much more. My world of Scouting started long before I […]

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sisters(forever friends)

Sisters. They share so much,  and these three girls have had a built in friendship since the day they were born. They share a room: Some days they love it, some days they don’t. The late night giggles, the early morning chats as well as the messes of dresses, necklaces and shoes. They share clothes: […]

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When I first started working out I only did so for the benefit of weight loss. I didn’t even enjoy it, but when something needs to be done-you do it anyway. Pretty much the life of a mom, right? From the infant stage and staying up all night with a colicky baby, to the potty […]

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