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positives of the pandemic homemade teeter totter

Positives of a Pandemic

I’m trying to think of positives of the pandemic and be encouraging to my people, but I keep hearing “I’m bored.”“There’s nothing to do.”“I’m hungry (again)”As a mother to 9 active children, I’ve heard these words a lot lately. In the past few months, our children have lost a lot of things in their lives. […]

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look up at the night sky astronomy for families

Astronomy for Families

Kids are naturally curious about everything, including the night sky. Astronomy for families is easier and more fun than you might think! We have an entire universe of planets, stars and galaxies always right above us. All you have to do is look up! The Quad Cities Popular Astronomy Club has public observing sessions and […]

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making memories and strawberry jam

Making Memories and Strawberry Jam

  My kids are grown now but we still are making memories and strawberry jam together every summer. We love reminiscing about when they were little. I hope you try making it this year too! Making sweet memories with strawberry jam Squish, smoosh, stir, repeat. The sweet red juice of freshly picked summer strawberries covers […]

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