Plants- Safe or Unsafe?

Up until a week ago, this is the kind of plant I owned.  Paper.  My mother-in-law is constantly telling me plants make the air cleaner and people healthier.  The thing is I had plants, but then I had my first baby and apparently plants don’t cry when they need to be watered.  Sadly, they all died.  I guess I failed the “try to keep a plant alive before having a baby” test.  I’m not quite sure why it’s taken me 4 years to retake the test, but I am starting now!

Last week my husband and I walked around the greenhouse clearance section and found some really cool plants!  He chose a plant he remembers from growing up in Hawaii.  The tag said it was a Bonsai, but after researching it more online we found it was actually a Sago Palm.  And apparently it is very toxic.  Super poisonous to animals and humans.  Yikes!  I choose a cool looking tree called a Yucca Palm.  After researching it we found some sites said it was poisonous to animals and some said it wasn’t.  We weren’t willing to test it out on our children, plus, the leaves were razor-sharp!  My husband cut his foot on one of the leaves while he was wearing a sock!  Obviously we took both plants back to the store.  My heart was racing while I put them back in the car and carried them inside the store (I know, I know… it takes more than just touching the plant…).  I’m pretty sure I got the stink eye from the cashier when I said I was returning poisonous plants to her lane.



After looking at several different kinds of safe plants, we chose two kid-friendly (non razor blade sharp) plants.  Over the last four years, my children have consumed play dough, crayons, dirt, bugs, grass, etc so I guess having safe plants is one less thing to worry about.

If you are wondering if your plants are on the safe or poisonous list, check out this website.  Hopefully I can keep my plants alive for years to come.  I also hope I don’t turn into my mom who is growing a jungle in her sunroom!


2 Responses to Plants- Safe or Unsafe?

  1. Ellie S. October 11, 2011 at 7:54 pm #

    We were always forgetting to water our house plants, too. The Huzz came up with a great solution. We had half to a quarter full water bottles laying around the house in various places- the water would be “too old” for me to drink, and sadly, sometimes I left the bottle sitting right where I left it out of pure laziness. The Huzz started using the leftover bottled water to water our plants. Now, I don’t feel wasteful and our plants get watered on a semi regular basis.

  2. Sara October 13, 2011 at 6:59 am #

    I was bad about watering my plants and needed to revive them far more often than they should have had to endure, so I came up with a crafty solution. Watering Wednesdays. This lasted for quite a while, until my second child came along. Now I either need to revive this habit or come up with a new one! Maybe a reminder in my cell phone on Wednesday’s will put me back into the groove.

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