Random Reflections…and Two Project Ideas

It’s been around a year since I started writing for the Quad City Moms Blog.  As a life-long writer, I jumped at the chance to have a monthly writing project with an audience.  However, I didn’t realize that the writing would be only part of the satisfaction I would get from taking this position!

Throughout the past year, I have made some really great mommy-friends here at the blog. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, not many of our friends have kids yet, so I was lacking in the mommy-friend area!  But not anymore!  My fellow-writers, as well as the devoted mommy-readers who attend our Moms Blog events, have become truly great friends to me—women who can relate to what I’m going through on the day-to-day.  And we all need that sometimes!

I have also really enjoyed all of the events during the past year.  The mama’s night out is a great opportunity to meet with these new mommy-friends (sans kids) and have real conversations about how things are going for all of us.  The meetings between our writing staff have also been great—an opportunity to brainstorm new ideas, to discuss our thoughts and ideas, and to just have a good time together.  And now that it’s summertime, I am actually able to attend some of the playdates (which are usually scheduled while I am teaching)…this has been so great for my boys, getting to meet up with other kids and do some really fun activities around the Quad Cities!

My writing for the blog has also inspired me to start my own blog, “The Good” (www.thegood2012.blogspot.com).  It’s been up and running for 3 months now, and I am enjoying the ride more and more every day (yes, I post every day!).  It has been a real challenge to my writing abilities, to be able to conjure up ideas every single day, but the response I have gotten from my faithful readers has been so amazing, and it has inspired me to do what I love to do—write, write, write!

Because I am an avid writer, I really love to see what other people have to offer—which is the great thing about the Quad City Moms Blog.  It’s so great to have 9 (or more) different perspectives to follow and to enjoy.  I have gotten so many great ideas from this blog…recipes, projects, activities, etc.  I feel like many of the mommies are much more creative than me in the project-area…but, I am trying! So today I wanted to share with you two of my most recent attempts at cute, fun, practical projects for me and my kiddos (I have to admit, these projects were more geared towards Mommy than the little ones…I am a sucker for organizational ideas!)

Project #1:  Summer Activities Booklet


As we are in the middle of one hot summer, I’ve been glad to hear about so many great activities around town (especially indoor activities!) and most of them are FREE!  So, a couple weeks ago I sat down and made a list of all of the daily activities available for my boys to do this summer.  I made a page for each day of the week, and I used bright colors in hopes that my boys would be more interested in looking at the list with me!  To finish it off, I used a hole-punch and put all of the pages on a key-ring, which makes it easy to find, easy to bring along in my purse, and again, more color=more fun for the kids!  A few days after making the lists of activities, I was inspired by the website QC Bargains (www.qcbargains.com) to add a little note on each day where the kids can eat free/cheap at restaurants around the QC area.  This little booklet has come in handy already, and I plan to make one for the fall/winter as well.  It’s nice to have everything in one place!


Project #2:  “Special Days” Calendar

As I approach my due date with my third child, I am constantly reminded of the fact that every child needs his/her own special time with mommy and/or daddy, with undivided attention for just them.  However, just like the free/cheap activities on our list, these “special times” start to slip from our mind and we get caught up in the day-to-day.  I decided that I needed a concrete, planned-out maneuver in order for each of my three children to get their special “alone time” with my husband and I.  At first I was thinking once a week, and then I realized how impossible that would be—to set aside three different times every week!  So, I moved on to once a month.  With 12 months in the year, that would give each of my kids four special days with their mommy and daddy.  It doesn’t seem like much, but I know that it is an attainable goal for us, and I know that any time they get will be treasured.

The next step was to make a calendar, to make it official (and to do it in an organized fashion…it just makes me feel better!) I decorated Sam’s month with super heroes stickers (his current favorite) and Cooper’s month with Toy Story stickers (his all-time favorite), and for the baby girl there’s a pink flower.  When it is their month, they will get to choose which day they want to be their special day.  I know that my kids (well, the two oldest at least) will enjoy looking ahead on this calendar and counting down the days until their “special day”.  After all, much of the fun is in the planning—when they can rattle off a list of things they want to do with Mommy and Daddy when it’s their turn.  I look forward to seeing what they come up with!

So, those are my two latest projects…nothing complicated, and nothing you couldn’t have thought of on your own I’m sure! But I think it’s good to share our ideas…and to help each other out as mommies!  Thank you to all of the Moms Blog writers and all of you readers who share your ideas with me and all of the other moms!  Keep it coming!!!

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