Fight Like A Girl

There are people in your life that bring joy with them where ever they go.  You know, always smiling, always offering to help, always encouraging, always there with a hug when you need it… Heather is one of those people. So of course when she asks for a small favor- everyone jumps at the opportunity to help her!  This is one of those times…

Heather’s mom (Maggie) was diagnosed with breast cancer and is on her 3rd round of treatment.  The medical bills are unreal and Heather feels completely helpless because she can’t be with her mom during this time.

Last week Heather told some of her friends that she’d like to do a garage sale as a fundraiser for her mom.  Within hours, donations were flooding her basement.  Heather’s got a ton of really great stuff to sell, and now here’s the favor we have to ask you- PLEASE COME SHOP!  This may be one of the few times you can use shopping as an excuse for helping someone!  Every penny will help (but hundreds and thousands will help more)!  So get your big bills ready to shop this weekend!  100% of the proceeds will go directly toward paying Maggie’s mounting medical bills.

For sale:

Boy and girl clothes: baby – school age
Baby and kid toys
Swings, walkers, highchairs, booster seats, etc.
Preschool/Kindergarten teaching materials
Linens, tablecloths, etc.
Kitchen supplies
Home goods
Holiday items
Adult clothes & shoes

Need more? Ok!

Baked goods
Bent River Bobbins items
an adorable 3-year-old will be selling lemonade
(how can you say no to this face?!)

Silent Auction
Dandylion Pies
B. Jules Designs
Sew Stinkin’ Cute

Want to help?

Please come shopping and help spread the word!
Thursday, Aug. 23rd, 9am-4pm
(On this day, Maggie will be receiving her 3rd round of chemo.)
Friday, Aug. 24th, 8am-4pm
Saturday, Aug. 25th, 8am-4pm

2313 24 1/2 St. Rock Island, IL

See the Facebook Event!


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