just give me the dirt

When I get a project going, especially gardening, I become obsessed. I want to work on it all day and every day until it gets done. But usually I’m lucky to get it done a little bit at a time since I have four kids running around the yard, plus the normal down and dirty of life, like dishes and laundry and baths…you know, mom stuff. Yet I find the time to get out in the yard a little bit at a time, it’s a big stress reliever for me.

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Except for this year… Really, the only thing I need to get it going is DIRT. I have been obsessed with dirt. I have been dreaming of dirt. I have been trying to get some bags of dirt forever. Such an easy task but so hard to get accomplished. We did have a set back with a little one in the hospital with respiratory problems (she is doing much better) and our outdoor plans got delayed for a week, which is fine, I’m just glad she’s better. When I was staying in the hospital with her I would lay my head down next to hers on the crisp white pillow and dream about my garden and what flowers and vegetables I would plant where.


But then the other day when I finally got to Lowe’s to get my bags of dirt I realized I didn’t have room in the cart because it was filled with children, who I was definitely not letting lose in a store. No way! I would never get out of there. I have two-year old twins, they split and run. Plus, there would be no room in the car for the dirt AND the kids. So I picked up a four pack of petunias to help relieve my gardening addiction since I couldn’t leave the kids at the store and bring home the dirt.

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When I was finally able to go get my dirt with only two kids in tow and plenty of room in the car I was jumping for joy. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make you happy, even if it is only the dirt that I have been obsessed with.

But oh…life can never be that easy. I had the boys with me and they kept bickering and arguing as we were walking through the rows of rose bushes. They were pinching and shoving by the perennials. They were just horrible at the store. After two warnings I got down to them at eye level and pretty much told them to knock it off or we were leaving. Halfway to the dirt aisle and they kept at it. It was horrible.  My goal, dirt, was in sight! So close! But no, no dirt today. Why can’t a momma just go to the darn store for some dirt?! Geesh! It’s not that complicated.

But obviously it was that complicated because I did not get my dirt. Right by the hostas and hydrangeas I left the cart and walked out with a screaming three-year old in my arms and a pouting seven-year old in tow. It was so embarrassing. Really, it was more embarrassing how they were acting in the store (they know better) than having to leave with screaming and crying kids. But we had to go. It was quite a scene.

I was bummed I didn’t get my dirt. I didn’t mind all the people staring at me. I chuckled to myself when the old man in the parking lot laughed at us. It was kind of a relief to hear his laugh. It made me feel better because I’m sure he has been through it.

But you know what, after three weeks of trying to get some dirt, I finally got it that night after I dropped the kids off. I lectured the kids the whole way home about appropriate behavior in stores. I dropped them off at home with their dad and took off back to the garden store.

I’m a mom on a mission. A mission for dirt.

Finally…mission accomplished.

Can’t wait to plant my pretty flowers. Can’t wait to sink my hands in the dirt and plant my pansies.

Next mission…getting the vegetables for the garden. I am definitely going alone for a peaceful trip. They can help in the yard…not at the store. This mom needs a break.

Let’s hear your dirt! Tell me times when you have had to leave a store with a crying kid.




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