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My son is the latest card carrying member….of the Davenport Public Library.  And this mama?  Couldn’t be more proud.


I don’t know who was more excited about this big step in his life.  Actually, who am I kidding?  It was me.  It was a day I was dreaming of since the day we brought him home.  I mean…there are big steps in a persons’ life, and to me, getting your library card is one of them!  He was a bit less enthusiastic.  It’s not that he doesn’t love the library, but standing there filling out the card was ridiculously less exciting to him than picking out the latest Ninja Turtles movie and Star Wars book.
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One of the most awesome things about our local library system is that they are a large network.  Much like the Quad Cities, the libraries are very interconnected.  Let’s say you’re a usual Bettendorf Library patron but they don’t have the book you want on CD (or maybe they do have it but it’s just been checked out).  The other area libraries are in the searchable database and your card will allow you to borrow the book elsewhere.  Additionally, if you’re not big on traveling for the book and time is not of the essence for you, you can request the book to be shipped to your preferred library and they’ll notify you when it’s available…how cool is that?

Some of the libraries even have drive-up options these days, which is awesome when you have napping and/or crabby kiddos in the car!  Or, if you’ve got an afternoon to yourself, some of them have small cafes or coffee shops to grab some refreshment while you check out your latest finds or the “Friends of the Library” bookstores available in some locations.

One of my favorite things about our library system is that you DO NOT have to return your items to the library you borrowed them from.  You can make your return to any of the member libraries, or to the library return receptacles outside of some HyVee stores!P1010420

Besides having the latest books, CDs, and DVDs available to check out at no charge, they’ve also got interactive and informational programs for kids and adults, many at no cost to you!  There are story times for preschoolers and toddlers, special events for teens, as well as films shown for all ages.  Their reference desks can help you with using the library to it’s fullest potential or in helping you to find just what you’re looking for.  If you or your children prefer digital books on your Nook or Kindle, you can also check out books that way as well.  Digital library books are a great way to take along new books when you travel.

I just can’t say enough about the awesome resources that our FREE local library system contains.   Not only do I have so many delightful memories using the library as a child, I can now make new memories with my newest little public library card carrying member!

Looking to get a card for yourself or your children?  Check out the links below for the “how to” at some of our Quad City libraries:

To get a library card:  Davenport Public Library

To get a library card: Moline Public Library

To get a library card: Rock Island Public Library

To get a library card: Bettendorf Public Library

Are you and your children card carrying members to your community public library?  What is your favorite feature about your local library?

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