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 Hi, my name is Mandi and I am a party girl.

Ok, so I don’t mean literally….as my idea of a wild Saturday night is usually a glass of wine and scrapbooking. But, I LOVE to throw parties, especially birthday parties for my children.

In full disclosure, some might say that I go a bit overboard on my parties. Let’s just say my neighbors come by every few months and ask if I am moving because I move out the furniture in my house to my garage to make room for the party fun. But when I throw a party, I want to throw a PARTY!

There simply is nothing better than the look on my children’s faces when I make their party dreams come true.  My goal is simple: to make parties that my kids will remember someday.

So allow me to share this party girl’s tips for making your kids’ birthday parties one they will never forget.

Tip #1 – Start with the theme.  Every great party starts with the theme. Talk to your kids about what type of party they want to have. Don’t be afraid to make suggestions. If it was up to my three year old he would have a car party every year, so I try and come up with some fun ideas.  We’ve done a pirate party, a luau, a fiesta, Team Umizoomi, Spa Party, Rock Star Party, Sports party…the possibilities are endless!!





spa party

Tip #2 – Dress up Parties are always more fun

For my parties everyone gets involved, parents and children alike. The best way to do this is to encourage people to dress up. Now I have done this on each end of the extreme from just setting out some fun Pirate Hats for a Pirate party…to telling everyone to come dressed as their favorite Superheroes or Rockstars. Having your guests dress up for your party gets them involved and everyone (adults and children alike) have a blast.

dress up

Tip #3 – The Centerpiece

At my parties I try to think of one big centerpiece for the party — something big and eye catching that brings the “Wow factor”. For example, at my son’s pirate party I wanted to build a big pirate ship. To do this I purchased a large wardrobe box from Uhaul for $12.00, and used spray paint and a table cloth for the sail. The kids spent the party climbing through the ship. It was great!

pirate ship

For my son’s Cars party I made Mack the Truck as his party table.


For details on how I did this check out:

Tip #4 – Party Theme Your Food

One of my favorite ways to play with my party theme is with the food.  For my son’s Superhero party we served a Superhero AtTACO bar. For my son’s pirate party we did HambARGHers. For my son’s Star Wars party I decked out the snack table with Light Sabers, and Wookie Cookies, etc. Pinterest is definitely the spot to check out for these ideas.

star wars food
Tip #5: Think OUTSIDE of the Box

For each of my parties I  try and bring the party outside. It helps get your guests ready to party even before they walk in. For my daughter’s Rockstar party I made a walk of fame with spray painted gold stars (made out of poster board).


Tip #6 – Some of the best party decorations are completely free

I always make sure and have a party budget, but surprisingly some of the things I have made for my parties that are completely free are the things I get the most compliments on. For example, I took old CDs (that have long been placed on my iPod) and taped them to my french doors to give a fun decoration to my Rock Star party.

My favorite decoration for my son’s superhero party was the Batmobile made out my son’s Cars toddler bed, some garbage bags, and some  cardboard in my recycling bin for seats.


Tip #7 – Cardboard is your friend

And while we are mentioning cardboard – I will tell you it completely your friend. I use cardboard in every party – to create buildings like I did at my son’s superhero party, or construct cars. Best part – I usually just ask people to give me their old cardboard boxes they aren’t using so it’s a very cost effective way to decorate!


So if you have a birthday party coming up for your little one soon…plan ahead and make a party they will never forget. What are your best party girl tips?


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    Wow! You rock Mandi! I love your creativity! Thank you for sharing with us.

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