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Who has two thumbs and has fallen off the exercise wagon this summer? This lady right here.  Moms, I am all for exercise.  I like how it makes me feel (Hello energy!) and I like the physical transformation (Sleeveless shirts, yes please!).  However, being completely honest now- I don’t like the fact that in order to continue these positive outcomes I have to continue to exercise.  Like forever.  I can never stop.  I will always need to do this.  Forever.  Just typing that makes me want to take a nap.

I wrote a post before on how I evolved into an exerciser, you can read that here.  It is all true, and I still believe it.  I have been at the gym at least twice each week this summer, but that is a backslide, and my backside knows it!  Mamas, the horse seems so high, and I need a boost to get back on.  It is mind over matter thing.  It is my mind that can work against me at times.  Here is a glimpse inside the mind of this mom struggling with exercise…

Workout procrastination…

Ok, so a Saturday workout didn’t happen.  Sunday I was dressed nice for church, and I didn’t want to undo my one day of cuteness to get all gross.  I was totally going to come on Monday night, but it was so hot out already.  I didn’t feel like getting sweatier.  Tuesday is a brand new day.  Here I am starting the week out right! Never-mind the fact that the week started two days ago.  Dang it!

After an indulgent weekend…

This workout is fueled by funnel cakes and Dr. Pepper.  I feel like garbage and I think I am sweating chocolate.  I need to eat better!  I am 34 years old, I can’t continue to eat like a junior high boy!  That’s it, I am going gluten free and only eating vegetables for dinner. 

Comparing self to other exercisers in the room who have not fallen off the wagon…

I wish I worked out during my college breaks in my 20’s.  Oh wait, she’s a mom!  How does she have abs like that?!?  She is practically a foot off the ground doing those crunches. 

Look at that lady!  How is she not sucking wind like me right now?  She is old enough to be my mother!  She was doing step aerobics before I was born.  She is superhuman. 

Awkward math equations…

So we are 20 minutes into a 60 minute class.  I bet we cool down after 45 minutes.  Which is almost 30 minutes.  So really there is only 10 minutes left of this class.  I can do 10 minutes.  It took me 10 minutes to load the kids in the van.

On the treadmill…

I will just do a couple of miles.  OK, I will just do 30 minutes.  I can go faster than this.  Oh my, that was awful.  Running is awful!  Hey, that guy is not going to outpace me.  I can go faster.  Wow, this isn’t so bad.  I don’t want to keel over, and I can actually breathe.  I should do this more often.  Look at me, I am jogging on a treadmill!  I bet I am almost done.  Eight minutes.  Hmmm, does this thing count up or down?  Ugh, it counts up!  It has only been eight minutes!  How will I ever survive this?

In yoga class…

Look at me doing yoga in yoga pants.  My pants are fulfilling their destiny.  I’m pretty good at this.  I can be graceful.  Whoops, that flailing arm balance check was not so graceful.  I’m more flexible than I thought.  Ouch, that one hurt!  This stretch is like the worst day of the sit and reach test from middle school!  Ooh, I like this meditation part.  Bonus nap!  Please don’t make me have to leave early to get my kid out of the child watch.  Be good and don’t pee your pants, kid!

Making ridiculous promises to self during exercise…

I will never drink soda again.  I am going to try gluten free.  I won’t miss bread that much.  It is just food.  Why do I need to enjoy food?  I am going to throw away those leftover brownies.  I don’t need them.  You know, this is my year to train for a marathon.  I would look so cute running in one of those tutus.  I’m going to workout everyday this week.  I know this week is busy, but I will get up early and go to the 5:15am class.  Great idea!

Finally, self-sabotage…

Wow, I worked my buns off in there.  Good job me!  I lifted extra weight.  I pushed my cardio.  I did awesome!  I totally deserve ice cream. 

Moms, wherever you are at in your exercise journey, keep going!  If you are like me and have fallen off the wagon this summer, let’s jump back in together.  Grab your body and make up your mind to do the right thing for you and your family.  Get back in the game.  When you see other moms making an effort, let’s celebrate one another.  It is hard, but it is also important.

How did you overcome a setback in exercising?  What mind games go on inside your head during exercise?

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2 Responses to mind chatter of a struggling exerciser

  1. livryan August 27, 2014 at 7:06 am #

    you’re hilarious barbara 🙂 GOod stuff my friend. I’ve fallen off lately….and when I do workout, I eat SO BAD because I feel like I deserve it :/ AHHH!!

  2. Kim August 29, 2014 at 2:42 pm #

    My favorite part of this post is the awkward math equation – I do that ALL THE TIME.

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