barbells aren’t just for boys

Women power lifters. Are you picturing a woman with bulging biceps, traps and quads? Push that out of your mind and let me show you regular women, who lift big weights, who look just like you!

Squat: 225
Dead lift: 210
Bench: 130
OH Press: 80


What did you think about lifting before you started?
I had done some lifting in high school so I wasn’t afraid of doing it but I thought because I am smaller that I wouldn’t be very successful at it

What has changed for you since you started lifting?
I have gained more strength than I’ve ever had, even while playing sports my whole life. I have also become so much more confident in myself; I’ve always been told how skinny I was and I hated it so lifting really helped me build muscle to change that perception

What is your favorite lift and why?
My favorite lift is squatting because I have always had much stronger legs than the rest of my body, so I feel very confident in this lift. I also used to have major hip issues and squatting has helped me overcome these injuries

Squat: 225
Dead lift:265
Bench: 145
OH Press: 90


What did you think about lifting before you started?
I didn’t think I could lift even though I was fascinated with it. I wanted to try it even if I failed to do it. I never thought that I would learn to enjoy it.

What has changed?
Hmmmm, I feel stronger. My inches have changed and shifted but in good ways. I’m more toned and I like seeing the changes.

As for my favorite
I’d have to say squats, the power I’ve gained in my running is amazing.


Squat: 240
Dead lift:315
OH Press:100


What did you think about lifting before you started?
Power lifting always seemed more for guys. I thought you had to be more fit to lift and never thought of it as something I  wanted to do nor did I  realize how amazing the results would be when I lifted.

What has changed for you since you started lifting?
I quickly saw results in my body, more sculpted than anything else, nothing muscular but toning up. I am so much stronger and healthier than I was before I started lifting. It has also become addicting-wanting to get to the next PR(personal record) on your lift. A complete adrenaline rush

What is your favorite lift and why?
The dead lift is my favorite lift-used to be the squat but it has changed recently to dead lift because its a whole body exercise. Every muscle, every body part has to be locked in, engaged, and its all you lifting hundreds of pounds of weight off of the floor.

Squat: 275
Dead lift: 315
Bench: 145
OH Press: 100


What did you think about lifting before you started?
I was really intimidated by lifting at first. I thought it was a bunch of muscle bound people standing around judging while you lift (or try to lift) the tiny weights.

What has changed for you since you started lifting?
Everything has changed since I’ve started lifting! My mood and confidence have significantly improved! I have more stamina, I can run easier and faster than before and best of all I can show my son that “girls” can be strong too!

What is your favorite lift and why?
My favorite lift is dead lift. I can lift the heaviest with this lift and it has helped me strengthen my lower back so I don’t need to visit the chiropractor as often even though I sit all day long in an office chair!

Squat: 275
Deadlift: 290
Bench: 150
OH Press: 100


Ladies, as we age our bodies change, and one of the biggest changes is loss of bone mass. The earlier you start lifting the greater your chance to push off osteoporosis and keep your bones healthy!


Besides that-you will burn more calories with more muscle you have-who doesn’t want that benefit?!  No one hopes to grow old with a hunch back and fragile bones-we want to be strong, fit mama’s! Obviously I want you to come to QC Barbell Davenport because I believe we have the best lifting program, but if you already attend elsewhere, please make sure you are being taught proper lifting technique. If you’ve been afraid to use the weights-go after them. If you don’t have a clue where to start-ask! Barbells aren’t just for guys-they’re for you too-so get in line at the gym, ask a trainer to show you proper form and get lifting!

Did I change your perspective of power lifting?

Tell me your favorite lift!

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    Emily November 4, 2014 at 10:13 pm #

    I love heavy lifting! I never expected I would enjoy lifting as much as I do. I started CrossFit in January just as a way to understand what my husband was talking about all the time…I thought I would just do the 2 weeks intro class to “get” enough of it so that I could keep up in conversation..and I ended up loving it! Lifting is an awesome way to stay fit and shed pounds….it has taught me a lot about myself, perseverance, and that women can do anything we put our minds to!

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