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I love goals.  I love to-do lists.  I love a fresh year filled with possibilities.  This year is no exception I have BIG personal goals, professional goals, a huge remodel in the works…lots of exciting things in progress this year. 

I also am not a person who likes to sit.  I struggle to watch a movie or tv show without working on emails.  I don’t just sit and relax, I clean out a cupboard instead.  I have to look the other way when the boys are all sitting around “chilling” because it drives me crazy when there is no productivity happening. wil blog 7

The kids had been home for nearly three weeks for Christmas vacation.  My husband always takes that time of year off so he too had been home for three weeks.  With all the holiday fun, no schedules, and chaos with everyone home obviously my to-do list got very few items checked off.  So the combination of all the above mentioned personality traits mixed with three weeks of laziness, chaos, and holiday fun had me going a little stir-crazy to get back to productivity!

As sad as I was to see the Christmas break come to an end I was E-X-C-I-T-E-D to get back into routine and dive into my list of goals for the year.  I will be the first to admit that being the kind of person I am…I can occasionally get side-tracked with my to-do lists, goals, projects, ideas, and expectations.  Often forgetting the most important things that should be at the top of my priority list all the time.   So as we tucked all the kids into bed that night I could barely wait to get to my computer and get to work.  Of course my three-year old must have found this would be a “teachable moment” for mommy and had other plans.wil blog1

He was still in vacation mode…late nights and late mornings. As we all know there isn’t a switch on a toddler to inform him the schedule has now changed (could someone create that?? ….You’d be loved by millions!)  He was having a very difficult time winding down.  Nine trips to the bathroom, countless drinks, numerous “one more kisses”, a few threats, and he still was not settled.  He kept coming to me at my computer asking me to lay by him.  I kept walking him back and telling him to sleep.  After two hours I finally caved…with his constant interruptions I wasn’t getting anything major accomplished anyway.wil blog3

I begrudgingly went and laid on the floor next to his bed.  I took his hand and softly rubbed it and my little monster was out in two minutes.  Blissfully snoring away.  I however couldn’t let go of that chubby hand for many, many minutes.  For so many reasons.  For one I felt painfully guilty.  How is anything on my “all-important” to-do list any more significant than this moment right now?  How many more years or even months will he want us to lay next to him?  He won’t grow up and remember my success and the goals I accomplished…he will remember the nights I laid on his floor next to him, the afternoons we built tents or wrestled on the floor, the mornings we snuggled watching Mickey.  THOSE are the things that should ALWAYS be on my to-do list. wilblog5

If you read my blogs you will notice I share these “AHA” moments frequently.  You would think I would learn…and I do for a while. Then as we all do, I get caught up with life…and get back to old habits.   I am so grateful for this crazy kid…this bonus baby… put in our lives to shake us up on a regular basis.  To remind us of what matters the most in our life.  My goals are still important to me…and they WILL be accomplished…but not at the expense of precious moments that will be gone in the blink of an eye.  Two minutes or 10 minutes is not going to make or break my success in anything…but it’s going bring a smile to my sweet cherub falling asleep.  And THAT is the most important thing on this busy mama’s “to-do” list everyday….or until I get wrapped up with life again.  But no worries…I have a cute little accountability partner that is sure to remind me when I lose direction .   😉 wilblog2

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