school’s out for summer

I love celebrating.  I am always finding ways to celebrate the little things in our life.  The Last Day of School is no exception!  As summer gets closer and closer, we are all having wonderful dreams.  No homework, sleeping in, days with nowhere to be, and the possibility of so many fun activities over the summer leads to lots of anticipation.  So every year we celebrate the Last Day of School in style.

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It doesn’t take much to celebrate the beginning of summer and school’s end.  There’s already enough excited buzz stirring, but I like to add to the excitement with gifts and special touches to welcome the kids home to momma for the summer.  Don’t get me wrong, by about July 1st I have started the countdown for when they go BACK… but I’m cherishing the fresh summer excitement for now.

Decorations:  It can be as simple as a “Welcome to Summer” sign on the front door.  Make the place festive with balloons, palm trees, anything that reminds you of summer… sun… and… fun!

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Party:  We have celebrated two different ways in the past.  Our kids have invited classroom friends over to throw water balloons, kicking off the summer with besties and we have celebrated just our family with a surprise dinner at a restaurant and a dance party in the living room.  No matter whether you celebrate with a slew of friends or just your family, make sure to kick up your heels and celebrate!  Some great ideas for turning your backyard into a summer play-land are:  water balloons, slip and slide, water guns, and sprinklers! Go crazy!

Beginning of Summer Gift:  Every year I get my kids a little something to open on the Last Day of School.  This usually includes new books, math workbooks, and something fun like a new water bottle or a pack of gum.  Most of these items become tools to help keep our minds working through the summer heat.  Who doesn’t like a little treat or adding new books to the family collection? This also acts as a reward for completing yet another year of school because these kids (and let’s be honest, YOU) have put in a tremendous amount of hard work!

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Keeping their Mind Sharp:  Along with the gifts, I find their library cards (who knows where they’ve been hiding), and print out reading logs, bookmarks, and reading lists.  It’s amazing how much kids forget over the summer, so I am always trying to carve time out for time in their new workbooks or reading. The logs help them chart their progress and celebrate it along the way! Work and reading aren’t their favorite summer activities, but doing them outside at the park or on our way to our weekend camping spot isn’t so bad.  It keeps them from falling behind before the start of the school year.

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All of these ideas help make the last day of school–what could be just an ordinary day–into an EXTRAORDINARY, CELEBRATORY day!

Get excited with your kids and start your summer off with a bang! What other ideas do you have for “last day of school” fun? 

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