sisters(forever friends)


They share so much,  and these three girls have had a built in friendship since the day they were born.

They share a room:
Some days they love it, some days they don’t. The late night giggles, the early morning chats as well as the messes of dresses, necklaces and shoes.

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They share clothes:
Thankfully none of my girls(thus far) have complained about hand me downs and hopefully no  time soon. As they’ve grown and their style has become more individual they will take a hand me down and match it in different ways that seems to suit each one’s personality.

They share drama:
I thought we’d seen all the drama we could through toddler years but I’m quickly finding that the tween/teen years are more drama filled than I’d ever imagined. They can be sitting next to each other one minute talking nicely and in a split second a fight has erupted and I wonder if any of us will survive until they are 18.


They share secrets:
Girls love to tell secrets and between sisters they have a wealth of them that sometimes I wish I knew and other times I’m glad I don’t. Sometimes secret whispers only consist of “lets go make a pb&j sandwich”, but always makes the other feel as though “they don’t like me anymore”and I have to stop the river of tears that already has ensued over a sandwich.

They share friends:
Oh this one is so hard and so good all at the same time. They are very close in age and easily get along with each others’ friends. Until they reach the age where you don’t all sit and play dolls anymore. When you are a tween and the cool thing is to just sit and talk about their new world of hormones and feelings and your two younger sisters are suddenly “annoying”. Many tears and fights over this one and we’re figuring out how to give each other space and respect their time with friends.


They share life:
Life has been ever changing for this trio in their pivotal years. They are  finding out who they are, and becoming more individual than a trio-even though a trio they will always be. Aubrey and Kaylyn will now share their Jr. High school experience and Ella will still be at Elementary school. I have no idea what to expect of this shift this year, what changes this may bring but I hope it will be good and that we can work through it well.

There is something special about the bond of sisterhood. I pray that their bond will never break, though they may change and go separate ways as they grow, at the core of their being, that they will always love and appreciate one another for who they are. I want them to know that when their friends fail them, or they find it hard to talk to me that they will turn to each other, that when one falls, the other two will be there to scoop her up. There is nothing like the bond of family and sisterhood, that keeps them close.


What kind of bond did you have with your siblings?

What do you see within your children as they are growing up in life together?

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