a simple cubs vs. cardinals wreath

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It’s baseball season, I hear.

I don’t know firsthand because I opt out of the vast majority of baseball season. Baseball is fine, but there are just too many games in the season and too many innings in the game.

Give me a 12 game season and a 3-inning game and I’d choose a team and wear a jersey. But I just simply don’t have the time or energy to invest. I need to store it up for things like choosing light fixtures and painting anything that doesn’t move.

And as retribution for putting that out into the universe, my child will definitely grow up and love baseball and I’ll have to eat my words with a side of baseball hotdog. I’ll do it gladly.

Anyhoow, this wreath I put together as a gift for my aunt may have me rethinking baseball. I mean, if baseball means I get to make wreaths, it’s something I could get behind.

My aunt and uncle have differing opinions on ball teams, so I made a simple wreath to cheer for both teams!

I started with a wire wreath form, a few rolls of red, blue and white tulle, ribbon in varying patterns, and a blank wood plaque.


I started with the white tulle (you can find it in the wedding section of the craft store). I simply pushed it into the wreath form, trying to cover as much as possible. At this point, some of the wire is still showing.

wreath white

Then, I started working in the other ribbon and tulle in the same way, one color at a time. This is something you can just eyeball (if you are me). I especially loved the red/white/blue mesh and wish I would have used all this instead of tulle. But anything will work. I finished with the patterned ribbon. And then I used a Cubs lanyard for the ribbon on the right side.


For the sign, I added the little design in red and blue vinyl and painted the plaque white. I used Gorilla glue and a few u-shaped nails to attach it to the wreath form.

wreath final

I think this is a total home run – who says you have to choose only one team?

Happy Monday!

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