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Think back on your life, throughout your years.  Can you recall a time your confidence was shaken?  A time you were told that you were too young, too uneducated, too shy, too out-of-shape, too incapable?    I am sure we can all think back to an event when we were told all the reasons we couldn’t accomplish something. 


As parents we begin setting limitations early on, without even meaning to.  For example I don’t want to see my four- year-old at the top of the jungle gym because he seems so little. Instead of limiting him because of my fears, he heads to the playground with daddy who encourages his adventurous spirit. 

When my older boys say with excitement “I want to be a professional soccer player or baseball player” it takes everything in me not to downplay the ambitions of my kids.  I don’t want to set them up for failure, but at the same time I don’t want to crush their big dreams.  Now you and I both know the likelihood of any of our kids being professional athletes is probably less likely than winning the lottery.   BUT I want them to have that confidence in themselves to know they can go out and do incredible things so I resist the urge to tell them all the reasons why it is a near impossible goal. 

I find it refreshing to hear kids talk with passion about their lives.   About their extravagant plans to do extraordinary things.  I want to raise them to have that positive self talk that comes from within that tells them they aren’t ordinary…but that they are capable of each and everything they put their mind too.  To BELIEVE in themselves and all their amazing potential. So someday if the professional athletic career doesn’t  work out, they still have the solid confidence to go after other things they want instead of limiting themselves.

I started a home-based business years ago.  I have received the eye rolls and patronizing comments.  I come across people that don’t believe in me or what I do.  In the beginning it was hard to hear.  It would shake what little confidence I had.  But after years of personal development I quickly learned that the only voice that matters is the one in my head. 


I soon realized that inner voice needs to be positive and strong.  Choosing my business was one of the best decisions I have made.  Not only because of the business itself but because of the person I have grown into.  Because of the time I have spent on personal development, I learned how crucial it is to encourage positive self-talk in my children and my husband.  When you are living everyday in the real world it’s easy to come home with your proverbial bucket empty.  As a wife and mom it’s part of my job to refill their buckets of belief and confidence to face another day. 

I frequently tell my kids, my husband, my consultants, I can believe in you 100% but until YOU truly fully believe in yourself , in your capabilities, and all that greatness within you, you’ll never achieve all that is possible.  At the end of the day you have to believe that you are the best version of you and can conquer everything you put your mind to.


As a parent I strive to equip my kids with the tools that will allow them to soar. I am not perfect and I have moments where I call them out on their weakness or mistakes in a second of frustration. But as soon as I say them I regret it. Every single thing we say to our kids, good or bad, is being absorbed, even if it doesn’t appear to at the time. Comments that we think mean nothing are stored away and taken to heart.  They are young, sensitive, and impressionable.

My dream for my boys is that they look at every day as an amazing opportunity to strive for things that we can only imagine. I want them to set out in the world and feel like they can conquer it.  To believe in who they are and what they have to offer.  To know that they each have their own unique and incredible gifts and talents. Their potential and their purpose on this earth is greater than they can fathom. 


Moms, there are plenty of people in our lives trying to downplay our goals and ambitions, trying to crush our dreams.  It’s hard not to believe the negative words, the critical comments, the lack of belief in who we are and what we do.   Honestly sometimes I think as a society we are so insecure that we don’t want to see other people around us succeed and thrive.  But when your inner belief is strong and your self-talk is positive it will drown out the naysayers and dream stealers. 

What is your dream? Is it to run a half-marathon…start a business…change careers…go back to school?  Whatever those dreams, goals, and visions are, I encourage you today not to listen to all the voices telling you why it won’t work.  

Instead, BELIEVE in your GREATNESS.  Sometimes it is painful, challenging and hard, but I have learned time and again the best things and people in my life are what I have had to work the hardest for. 


So my challenge to all of you amazing parents out there is to first change your own inner self-talk.  YOU are capable of ANYTHING you put your mind too.  WE were put here not to be ordinary…but EXTRAORDINARY.  Others’ opinions of you don’t matter because not everyone can see the greatness YOU have within YOU. 

Then I challenge you to remember this when you talk to your kiddos: YOU are their biggest advocate.  YOU are their comfort zone, their compass, their safe place.  Your words are powerful.  Model it in your own life and then fill them with the belief that they, too, are EXTRAORDINARY.  Because they are and they deserve to know that from the person they love and trust the most.


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