top 10 things in my van

No matter my attempts to keep my van clean-there are always 4 kids lugging things in and never out. As I was waiting for kids the other day (because the life of a mom requires driving your kids all over town and then waiting for them-can I get a fist bump?) my phone was dead so all I could do was look around my dirty, messy, van. I realized its the same old stuff. Somehow these little hoarders sneak in all sorts of things they “need”, and then leave it to sit under some crumb filled seat. So I’m going to share mine-and I’m hoping you’ll be brave enough to show me yours.

1. Dishes

School at 7:35 includes the rush to eat breakfast: cereal bowls and water bottles. At least they ate, now how can I get them to finish the job and bring it inside?!

2. Garbage


I realize that’s a gross (and surprisingly small) bag–but its life. And yes there is an old rotten apple core in there that was too gross to show you.

3. Grocery bags

I’ve got reusable grocery bags aplenty!  They’re awesome for all kinds of things, and really helpful if you can remember to bring them into the store.


4. Sunscreen



I try to keep these in the van in case I forget to stick them in swim bags or for impromptu trips to the park. Just remember after a winter of them rolling around under the back seat, check the expiration date!

5. The Chick-Fil-A cup



Okay this one I’ll take full blame for. Really, what van isn’t complete without this gem?

6. Clothing

I guess its a good idea to have  a spare jacket or two but the other day I found a winter coat under the backseat. We’re just prepared for the next season, and if our feet get wet, the extra socks don’t match but isn’t that still a style?


7. Notes to myself

This note I at least didn’t forget about but most times I write notes they just disappear into the van floor with forgotten “to do’s”.


8. Toys

Because riding in the van is boring.


9. Hair ties

I could have sworn the van would have been filed with them, I mean there are ZERO in my house so I figured the van was going to be a hair tie gold mine. All I found was rubber band-ouch. Seriously, where do they all go?


10. School papers

If I need to know of an event or the paper I was supposed to sign for the band polo I just need to search my van.


Tell me(and show me) what other things are left in your swagger wagon?







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  1. amymjones September 22, 2015 at 7:09 pm #

    Oh my gosh. I can relate to this one! I was having a stressful day yesterday and I couldn’t take it anymore. I took several trips into the house with my arms filled with old drawings, pens, dinosaurs, trains, dolls, etc. Then, I vaccuumed up the endless pieces of food!

    Long live the minivan!

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