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Each year I pick some of my favorite holiday gifts.  
I mean, I’ve already done the shopping for you!
Browse this list and pick your favorite.


Each year I pick my favorite holidays lists if you will.  Some years it’s stocking stuffers. Some years it was books and then foodie gifts.  Some years it is a hodge podge of it all.  {All still awesome lists you should check out}.  This year my first anticipated holiday gift list is all about the kiddos.
And let me preface this by saying, toys and I don’t get along very well.  I have a small house and I do not like clutter.  But I will make room for ones that are meaningful.  Otherwise when anyone asks what my kids want for Christmas I always, always, always give them this list:
Gift cards to their favorite restaurant
Membership to our local Children’s Museum
Tickets to a a football/basketball game
Kid’s magazine or book subscription
I feel the best gifts are those given as experiences.
BUT, this is a unique and special list.  These aren’t the toys that you wait in line for at Toys ‘R Us on Black Friday.  These are the toys that make the gift giver feel good.  They are educational.  They make your child think and zone out on {in a good way} for more than 30 minutes.  Basically they aren’t junk and you as a parent will be happy to let your child play to their heart’s content.
So let’s get started!  And yes, all products here are affiliate links.  Meaning, if you would purchase via my link, I will get a mini small profit from your purchase.  It does NOT affect your price, it just helps me keep this little blog going.
So….happy shopping.
IQ Fit – $9.99
Do me a favor and bookmark this page, you’ll need it for your holiday shopping!  Why not give the gift of something educational, yet still fun to your kids, grand kids, nieces, nephews or even that special little someone in your life.
Happy Shopping!
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