2015 was truly an extraordinary year for Quad City Moms Blog.  We have grown and are so honored by being a source for so many moms in the Quad City area.

The Best Of

To end 2015 on a high note, we wanted to share our 10 most popular blog posts from the past year.  We hope you enjoy re-visiting them as much as we did.


familyfun1) Free Family Fun in the Quad Cities

“I love my kids, but they are expensive! How easy is it to drop $100 going out to eat and bowling or to the movies? We all love to get out of the house and take our kids fun places, but sometimes our pocket books just can’t support “Family Fun” every day. Unless it’s free…”






daycare mom2)  Dear New Daycare Mom…

“You don’t know me, but I know you. I know what you are going through. I know what you are feeling. Your maternity leave has just ended, and you are headed back to work. Only yesterday you were leaving the hospital with your bundle of joy, and now you feel like a prisoner about to have your most precious prize ripped away from you.”



3) Lazy Mom’s Guide To A Clean (Enough) House

“I know I’m not the only mom who has hung a lovely little printable cleaning schedule on my fridge in a fit of delusion. These typically include crazy ideas like vacuuming every day. Or vacuuming any day.  But I don’t typically make it very far. Why? Because those guides are NOT designed for lazy moms.”


Off to the dance photo4) 6 Things To Tell Your Son Before He Leaves For The Dance

“So your son is going to the dance…he’s survived the “big ask”….he’s showered, put on the shirt and tie, picked up the corsage and has cash on hand for dinner. He’s ready to go. How do you as a mom send him out the door for an evening of fun with a little mom-wisdom and a hug?”



splash pad 35)  Your guide To QC Splash Pads and Pools

“Summer is here! The thermometer has hit 90 degrees and it’s hot and muggy. Preparing for the dog days of summer, we have put together a guide to the splash parks, pools, and beaches around the Quad Cities.

Check out this list to find a splash pad, swimming pool or beach near you!”



aldi6) How To Feed A Family Of 5 For Two Weeks On $170

“If I’ve been asked once I’ve been asked a million times, “how do you meal plan?”  “Where do you grocery shop?”  “How do you feed your family on a tight budget?”.
I put together a meal plan last year and it took off like wild fire.”







explang7)  10 Tips to Build Expressive Language in Toddlers

“While many toddlers learn to speak and never stop jabbering, some are slower to use their expressive language and may need some assistance from caregivers.”



 “I’ll never forget my first day of school! The excitement, the new back pack, the crisp new notebooks, and the first day of school photo my mom took every year!Here are a few fun twists for your children’s first day of school photos…”





giftsofIF9)  The Gifts Of Infertility

“When we were going through infertility, I lived and breathed it. Nothing distracted me from my longing for my body to for the love of everything, just start freaking working already. I don’t live infertility now, but I never completely outran it either.”



quitjob10)  The Day I Quit My Job

“The day I quit my job, I didn’t go quietly.  I went out with a bang, like a pot of boiling water that built up so much pressure the lid blew straight to the ceiling.  I know the word “effing” (yes, just like that) was used.”





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