Growing up we always had a garden. I loved watching it grow, picking the produce, and trying new recipes.

And I’ve always dreamed of having my own garden with my own family.

Last year was my first effort and I went the route of a potted garden. My husband didn’t want to “ruin” the grass with a garden, and this option turned out really great for everyone. It was easy to weed. My back never got sore and it was all at kid level.

potted garden, family projects

It was glorious.

I loved it.

My kids loved.

potted garden

Each night when we pulled into the drive way, we would check the garden before doing anything else. We would admire our progress, check for new produce, and water the plants.

It was really nice to have a family project. We each played our own role and took lots of pride in our product.

As a huge bonus, we ate really well. This Tomato Cucumber Orzo Salad was our favorite summer pasta dish we made with the harvest.

I can’t wait to take some lessons learned from last year and apply them to this year’s garden!

potted garden

Here is how we did it:

  • Purchased 10 large pots and took the drainage plug out of the bottom (we didn’t do this last year and flooded some plants during a heavy rain)
  • Purchased at least 10 bags of soil (we used Miracle Grow potted soil)
  • Decided what we wanted to plant (tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries, watermelon, basil, cilantro and rosemary)
  • Determined where to place the pots according to the needs of the plant for sunlight (do this before putting in the soil to spare your back)
  • Filled the pots with soil to the very top (the soil will settle)
  • Planted our seeds or plants according to the directions
  • Purchased cages for some of the plants
  • Watered daily (most of the time) because the pots dry out quickly

Getting some lattices for the cucumbers really helped as well. The tomato plants can easily fall over so make sure you have cages to prevent this from happening.


We invested about $200 last year, but we can reuse almost everything this year. No fertilizer or bug control was needed and the weeding was minimal.

While you wait for your plants to start producing all the goodies, check out the Pinterest page I created for garden-friendly recipes.

And my husband was able to keep his yard looking great as the potted garden was placed throughout the yard and on our driveway. You can hardly tell where they are in this photo.

potted garden, container garden, family projects

I can’t wait to see what kind of harvest we will get this year. We are hoping to make lots of pizza sauce and BLT sandwiches.

potted garden family project

What are you planning to grow in your backyard? 

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