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Today, we’re turning to our friend Ruth Ahnen with Modern Woodmen of America. She is answering a question that many of us have – how do we teach our kids to be smart with money? (Spoiler: It starts early.)

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Enter “financial literacy in America” into any Internet search engine, and you’ll be overwhelmed with statistics. Mostly bad.

But many educators believe kids who learn the importance and value of money at an early age grow into adults who make smarter financial decisions.

That’s why Modern Woodmen Bank offers the Dollars and Sense Financial Literacy Program. This program can help your child become money wise … and $20 richer each year.

What is it?

The Dollars and Sense Financial Literacy Program offers grade-appropriate materials for children throughout their school years. It helps kids learn about a variety of financial topics – from the importance of saving and scholarships to the value of life and health insurance. The goal is to provide a strong educational foundation that will allow your child to make informed and effective decisions with their financial resources as they grow older.

The program has been reviewed by respected educators and experts across the country. It meets Common Core standards at each grade level.

How does it work?

After establishing a Young Banker’s Savings Account at Modern Woodmen Bank, you and your child log on to the online component to:

  • Read a grade-appropriate short story related to a financial topic.
  • Take a short quiz to demonstrate what has been learned.

At the end of the quiz, your child will have $20 deposited into his or her account. (Note: Cash is reported as interest paid on Form 1099INT.)

Each year, you’ll receive an email to remind your kids to take the next grade’s lesson and quiz. One quiz is available per year, kindergarten through 12th grade. Each passed quiz earns your child another $20 in the account.

Have more than one child? Each of them can take quizzes and earn cash.

A Young Banker’s Savings Account is required to participate in the Dollars and Sense program. However, it’s quick, easy and inexpensive to apply. Open an account with as little as $20.

Help grow your child’s financial future!
Financial values begin at home. Put your child on a smart financial path. These fun quizzes can open the door for you to discuss important topics with your child and your whole family.

Ruth Ahnen is a financial representative with Modern Woodmen of America. She helps individuals, small businesses and families to plan for a secure financial future.

Disclosure: Thanks to Ruth  for sponsoring today’s post. We at QCMB love working with local businesses to share positive information and make our community a better place to live, work and play.

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