The sun is out and so is school.

Are your kids whining about being bored yet?

Or are you wrapped up in a schedule so busy it doesn’t feel like summer vacation at all?

With all the chaos of a house full of kids, are you wondering if it’s even possible to make magical summer memories with your family this year?

Though some trying moments with the kids home are inevitable, I’m here to remind you of what you already know deep down. We don’t have to go on a fancy vacation or plan elaborate activities to cherish memories that will last a lifetime with our children, especially during this gorgeous time of year.

For those of us who are lucky enough to be moms, the true spirit of summer is within our grasp.

If we’re willing to embrace the present moment, we can appreciate gifts this season has to offer in simple ways.

A simple plan for savoring summer with your family


Here are a few ideas:

Absorb the joy of their free spirits as they chase fireflies in the yard.

Tune in and listen to their innocent observations of the natural world.

Taste the sweetness of summer right along with them (or just revel in their enjoyment of cotton candy and ice cream treats).

Let them give you a wet swimsuit hug, breathe in the smell of chlorine in their hair, embrace their joy.

Lean into their natural curiosity about life, ponder their questions, connect on a deep level with their essence.

Surprise them with popsicles when they least expect it, soak in their gratitude like a sponge.

Give them a chance to run outside on a rainy day, marvel at their free spirited energy.

Camp out in the back yard with them, let morning cuddles and the sound birds chirping clear your mind.

Let them stay up late to gaze at stars. Work together to identify constellations.

Notice how sweet they are when they get lost in their imaginations with each other, allow their giggles to shower you with joy.

Let them set the pace on a walk through the park, slow down, smell flowers, help them climb trees.

Pick a chapter book series to read as a family, let them stay up late reading by flashlight as a special treat.

Let them creek walk and catch frogs,  marvel in their spirit of adventure and exploration, ignore how dirty they are getting.

Delight in their calm, sun-tanned presence while they relax with a book.

I know guys, this stuff is simple! Embracing the joy of life comes VERY naturally to our kids. But sometimes amidst the responsibilities of parenting, we forget to notice the treasures right before our eyes.

One thing is for sure: No two summers with our growing kids will be the same.

How can you seize the moment and make the most of this special season with your favorite people?  

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