Easy DIY Mason Jar Cake Gifts

Mason Jar Cakes CollageIf you attempt just one project this holiday season, this needs to be it! These DIY Mason Jar Cake Gifts are so easy to make, so adorable, so customized, and seriously one of my favorites we’ve done for a homemade Christmas. I’ve got the recipes for you at the end, but first let me tell you how to make your DIY Mason Jar Cakes truly one of a kind:

We affectionately refer to our redheaded son as our little ginger cakes. Two years ago, we decided to give everyone in our family a real ginger cake for the holidays as a fun play on his nickname. If your kiddo isn’t a ginger, don’t let me lose you yet. You can totally personalize these for every family. You can do “Blondie Bars from Our Blondie”, “Nutcakes from Our Nutty Family”, “Sweets from Our Sweetie”… There are just so many fun ideas to make this treat unique to your family or kids.

What made this gift so special was using our little guy’s picture and name to create our own sticker labels. The company I ordered stickers from is no longer in service, but websites like vistaprint and etsy have stickers for super low prices that you can customize with your own pictures and words.  For less than a dollar a sticker you can easily create the perfect custom label. Use their ready-to-go templates to save yourself the headache of designing your own. Just upload your picture, pop in your creative name, and BAM – all done.

Here’s our sticker label. I mean, how cute is this? Right?! 

Front of Label

I ordered a second set of stickers with directions on how to make the cake that I stuck to gift tags:

Directions Sticker

Once you have your stickers made, you’ll need mason jars, ribbon, and gift tags.  I love the Dollar Tree because they always have those items for only a dollar each. Not only is this the cutest gift ever; it’s super affordable to make in bulk, too.

Here’s how they look assembled:

DIY Mason Jar Cakes

Assembled 1

Jar Tops

I put my label stickers on the side of the jars as well as over the tops. I put the directions stickers on one side of the mason jar tags and a wallet sized picture of my little chef on the other side. I’m not the craftiest gal but this was so easy even I couldn’t mess it up. It doesn’t get easier then stickers and ribbon, ladies!

My son was only three when we made these. He was able to help every step of the way. He loved funneling the ingredients into the big jars, putting on the stickers, helping cut the ribbons – honestly this was such a great idea not just because he truly could help, but because it kept my busy toddler occupied for a few hours!

I’ll even let you in on a little secret.
If you’re too busy to attempt a made-from-scratch recipe, you can buy a box of mix from the store, dump it in a jar, and then print out the box directions on your label. I’ll never tell…

Here’s a picture of our ginger cakes once baked. I gave everyone mini bunt pans with our jars and my family members LOVED making these. Super tasty and sweet!


I could write a whole ‘nother post about why I believe in doing homemade gifts with my son, but to keep it brief here are my top five reasons for making homemade holiday gifts with my kid: (1) It gives us quality time together. (2) It teaches my son the importance of giving, not just getting. (3) It lets our friends and family know how much we love them by putting our time and efforts into their gifts. (4) It guarantees the gifts we give won’t be duplicated by anyone else. (5) It gives my creative side a happy outlet during an otherwise hectic season.

Ready to make your own? I won’t even pretend I’m a great chef, so I’ll just link you to great recipes from others. Pick a recipe, fill your jar, and prepare to wow your friends and family with your one-of-a-kind gift.

Check out these sweet recipe links below!

Ginger Cake from your Ginger

Blondie Bars from your Blondie

Bananna Nut Bread from your Nutty Family

Nutty Almond Joy Cake from your Nutty Family

Sweets from your Sweeties (Cookies Option)

Sweets from your Sweeties (Brownies Option)

Sweets from your Sweeties (Pancakes Option)

Sweets from your Sweeties (Chocolate Cake Mix Option)

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  1. Sharon Gamble November 15, 2016 at 8:10 am #

    As a recipient of this wonderful project … all I can say is it made this “Nina” so happy to see my grandson’s face and to picture him stirring and pouring with his mama. Truly was a wonderful gift.

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