Note from QCMB: We love sharing stories and ideas that may help you as a parent. And today, we’re thrilled to share some thoughts from a local mom!

Thanks to Leslee Cook, community impact manager at United Way of the Quad Cities (and local mom),  for sharing this post about how YOU can be your child’s best teacher!  (Make sure to sign up to get free text messages from Born Learning to help you come up with ideas and activities for your kids.)

Born Learning United Way of teh Quad CitiesAs a parent, you are your child’s first best teacher.

So why do you underestimate your contribution to your child(ren)’s school readiness?

Children learn by doing so the time you and your child spend together, doing activities, helps your child develop a love of learning!

I have two kids ages 2 and 5. If you’re anything like me, after a long day at work, you are tired and it can be hard to think of ways to entertain your kids.

I know for me that first hour we get home at night is always pretty stressful. I’m trying to get dinner made, the dog let outside, the dog fed, the kids are thirsty or want a snack and I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off at times! To help alleviate this time, I will often have my kids help me with dinner, letting them find the ingredients in the cupboard or ask them to set the table.

Yes, it may take a little longer for them to complete these tasks for you but these simple tasks are great learning opportunities for them!

Turning everyday moments into learning or teaching moments is what the Born Learning is all about.

Born Learning focuses on parental engagement to assure parents have helpful tools and resources in order to help your child succeed in order to be prepared for kindergarten.  

One of the great things about Born Learning is that all parents with infants, toddlers or preschoolers at home can sign-up for the Born Learning texting campaign (by texting bornlearning to 95577) to get 3 texts a week on simple things to do with your child.

You can also receive a 2017 calendar with everyday activities you can do throughout the year with your child. Both via text and through the calendar are simple activities you can do every day to entertain your child and educate them all at the same time.


Ideas include:

  • Find things that are blue
  • Sing the ABC’s
  • Play I-Spy while you wait for the doctor at a well-check visit
  • Count the stairs as you go up or down them. 

These are all simple things that can easily be incorporated into your day.

Let’s face it, parenting is a tough job and there isn’t an instruction manual for it.

But remember that everyday moments with your child can be turned into learning moments. It is easier than you often think to incorporate learning into your daily routine.

Learning is everywhere. Take advantage of the Born Learning texting campaign and get a Born Learning calendar, two helpful tools available to you to help you incorporate learning into your daily life in order to help you be your child’s first best teacher!

To sign-up for the Born Learning texting campaign, text bornlearning to 95577.

For more information on the Born Learning Initiative or to find out more about the Born Learning calendar, go to


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