It’s that time of year.  Many people are setting out and compiling a list of resolutions that they hope to keep over the next 12 months…

  • Exercise
  • Lose weight
  • Sleep more
  • Work less
  • Start this…
  • Stop that…

The list becomes exhausting and honestly it’s something I dread every year. I never know what to choose and it seems just weeks in (sometimes days) I have already failed at keeping one or more of my resolutions.  So this year, I am doing something different.  I am not making resolutions in the typical way, instead I am choosing a guiding word.   This word will be one that I reflect on and revisit throughout the year, it will serve as a reminder in my daily life and will help guide me as I make decisions.  

Choosing a word sounds easy, but it takes some time.  It means identifying the places in your life that you wish were different.  It means acknowledging the desires of your heart and the areas you wish to grow.  It means reflecting on all you have accomplished and all you wish to in the coming days, weeks and months.

As I processed through these thoughts, a number of words came to mind.  Words like: Patience, Discipline, Confidence and Growth.  However, in the end, there was one word that seemed to encompass all my thoughts and desire for the next year.

My One Word for 2017 is: 


INTENTIONAL with my children

I want to be present when they are talking to me and intentional about the way I speak to them.  I want to make them feel listened to and heard.  I want to say “Yes” to playing more, make believing and accepting the help when they want to assist in making dinner (even when I know it will be messy).  I want to remember to praise them when they do well and build them up through my words and actions.   

INTENTIONAL in my marriage

Sometimes the days are exhausting and there are weeks when I look back and realize I have put very little effort into my marriage.  I want to be intentional about engaging in conversation,  speaking his love language and making intimacy a priority.  I want to make going on dates important, where we return to the basics of two people who fell in love so many years ago.  I want to be intentional in my marriage so we can serve as healthy role models for our children and their future relationships.

INTENTIONAL about my health

I am not going to make a resolution to eat better or work out x number of days a week, but I am going to focus on becoming more intentional when it comes to my health.  I want to think more about the food that is going into my body, the example I am setting for my family, the meals I am or am not cooking and the way I am taking care of my body.

INTENTIONAL about my faith

I want to make time for the things that have the most impact on my life.  I want to be intentional about spending time in the Word and living out my faith in a way that can only be done through daily reflection and intentionality.

INTENTIONAL about relationships

This is a big one for me. I realized over the years it has become easier to send a text instead of make a phone call and often months can go by without touching base with a good friend.   I want to be intentional about the time I am spending with friends, hearing their stories and genuinely doing life together.  This also means being intentional as a couple when it comes to spending time with other couples who are journeying the same life we are.

INTENTIONAL about my finances

This means thinking about how what I am buying and how I am using the resources I have been given. It means becoming intentional about the food, clothes and “stuff” I am buying,  It means being intentional about sticking to the budget and paying off debt.

I am not sure if this year you will choose to make a resolution or choose to focus on a word, but either way I hope you take time to reflect on the past year and all you have accomplished.  Then I hope you take time to dream about what the future holds for you.

What will your word be this year?   

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