We have all little tips and tricks that we use to make our days run a bit smoother. Unfortunately, many times, that requires other people to contribute to these tips.

Sometimes, that’s the biggest problem. So – the QCMB writers – and I have a few tips to share with you to make a mom’s life a bit easier.


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Let Mommy Talk Uninterrupted

Mommy needs to talk sometimes. Offer us the gift of a few minutes of uninterrupted time to connect with you. We might just need to articulate a few random thoughts in our head. We might want to review the week’s calendar. The conversation might need to happen online too. Having 15 minutes to email a friend and check in (or write a blog post) warms the heart. 

We might need to vent too. Parenting is hard. Please be kind. Sometimes we don’t need the answer. Sometimes there is no good answer. We just need to get it off our chests. Just acknowledge that and nod a few times. Sneak in a hug once in a while too.

Podcasts and Audiobooks

Cleaning the toilet, scrubbing the floors, picking up toys for the 100th time … not very fun, but part of adulting. But if we can throw on some headphones and a great podcast, it will make these chores must easier to tolerate. We might learn a few new things, catch up on the national news, or enjoy a good story.

A Cleaning Professional

As a group of women working to raising children (some of us with the support of a significant other), I am refusing to call this one “Cleaning Lady”. It doesn’t have to be a woman, but it does need to be someone that comes into your home and helps out with some housekeeping. Many of us agree – we would give up a lot of other things to make sure this can stay in the monthly budget.

Random Acts of Kindness

A nice card in the mail. A phone call that says, “You are doing a great job.” A random cup of coffee dropped off at your desk or your kitchen counter. Those small acts of kindness go a long way to fill a mommy’s heart. Even a kid drawing that gets sent to your email or a picture of a smiling face from daycare can turn a frown upside down.

Robot Vacuum

Everyone that has one agrees – this is a mom miracle. Really. Some of my fellow writers even admitted to having two. It’s now permanently on my Christmas and birthday list.

Additional Refrigerator

When you cook for a family, it’s hard to keep the fridge stocked and clean – and there is never enough room. The extra fridge really helps for those large items or for when you are buying numerous gallons of milk. We love Hy-Vee but going every day is painful.

Good Meals

Several of the writers said that having meals pre-prepped is essential to their well-being. It takes out the time and guesswork of getting something healthy on the plate. Some moms like doing their own prep on Sunday nights for the week and others have joined a Hy-Vee DISH group that works together to prep meals. Personally, I have found that simply having a list of dinner options is a huge time saver – I do this even if I run out of time on Sunday to prep! I need that brain space for other things.


Moms need friends. Friends that are like them and friends that are not. Friends that listen and friends that talk. Friends that recommend books and friends that help babysit. Friends. Moms need them. All of them. Her survival depends on it. And, her ability to be a good friend is equally as important. Support her in this quest of give and take.

What tips do you have? 


  1. Kim January 5, 2017 at 8:37 pm #

    Amy – Amen and amen. This is so spot-on, I love it all. I agree that you need a Roomba – hoping it comes to your home in 2017. Game changer.

    Also – I can tell you that your notes and encouragement mean the world to me. You are practicing what you preach.

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