Raise your hand if you think you spend too much time on your phone?

Okay, now lower it so you can finish reading this post to get ideas on how to spend less time on it. 😉

Cell phones are great, we have instant access to Google, our family, friends, and we can quickly snap a photo of you kids doing something adorable. They can also be a burden, you can miss a moment with family or an important conversation with friends. Or you let the excuse of “I have no time” keep you from accomplishing other meaningful things in your life.

I have recently been paying attention to how much time I actually spend on my cell phone. I downloaded the Moment App onto my iPhone to start tracking my phone usage. (BreakFree is a similar app for Android)

In just the last week I have had a few days where I have been on my phone for more than 4 hours. (!!!) I would have never thought it was that much, but all the quick Instagram and Snapchat checks add up. Talk about eye-opening! This information has really got me to think of different ways to be on my phone less.

Turn off push notifications

– Oh the rush we feel when we hear the ding or feel the vibration of a notification and the need to check it ASAP. Go into your settings and turn them off to fix the need to check your phone right away.

Have a No Phone Zone

– The kitchen table while eating or maybe designating a time that phones aren’t allowed. It is too easy to mindless scroll through Facebook while your spouse is talking or your watching a TV show.

Use alternatives

– Do you use your phone for your calendar or take notes on an app? Pull out pen and paper to do the same. I just got a Happy Planner to keep track of all the things and I find great joy in just writing it down with some colorful pens.

Go without for one day a week

– Don’t log onto social media or check your email on your phone for one day a week. Just be in the moment and enjoy what is around you.

Delete mind numbing apps

– I’m looking at you Two Dots! My life was fine before without you and will be fine once I delete you. We can waste so much time just mindlessly playing games on our phones.

Leave the phone out of your bedroom

– How many of us go to bed at a reasonable time, only to be on our phone for another 30 minutes once we get into bed? Or wake up and immediately check out phones? Leave it another room and you’ll have to actually get out of bed to grab it. Oh and for those of us who use our phones for an alarm clock, go buy a cheap one. It will work just the same. 🙂

Use your cell phone as a reward

– Make a to-do list, cross those things off, and give yourself some designated guilt-free phone time. Or for every 30 minutes of work, you give yourself 10 minutes on your phone. I know I would get A LOT more accomplished if I implemented this in my own life.

I challenge you to download one of the tracking apps and make yourself aware of how much time you may be wasting on your phone and then try one or two of the things listed above to have less screen time!

Do you think you spend too much time on your phone?
What tips do you have for less screen time?

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