Breastfeeding can be hard. It can also be magical, nurturing and wonderful. Breast pumping is hard. It is not magical, nurturing and wonderful. I’m grateful for it, but it’s like an annual pelvic exam — a necessary evil. Pumping and working can be the evil’s frosting. In this post, Laura offers some great tips and resources on pumping at work.

This is my fourth nursing kid and I thought I’d have an easier time pumping. I’ve tried a lot of the pumps: Aveda, Spectra, Medela. Though in hindsight maybe I would have more fun traveling with a hospital grade breast pump. I’ve pumped at home, at work, in the car, on vacation, in hotels. I’ve pumped ahead so our sweet babies have milk when I’ve been away for work conferences. I’ve pumped daily for daycare. 

I’ve pumped and dumped, watching ounces of liquid gold pour down the drain in desperate horror. This feeling is second only to accidentally spilling pumped milk. The. Worst. 

This should be like riding a bicycle — a pain in the butt at first, but once you settle in — just a fun routine. This fourth time around seems harder. I thought it would be easier, since it’s my last one and I know the ropes. Maybe it’s because I’m having short-timers syndrome and am only months away from ditching the pumps forever, but I feel extra annoyed by my pumping adventures.

So, I put together this fun bingo game of some of the things I dislike the most about pumping. Enjoy, pumping mamas!

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