I have always had a small obsession with personality tests. It was such a fun way to spend some time on my break at work, taking quizzes of one kind or another. I remember back when Internet was first a “thing”, (yes, I remember that) spending lots of time finding out what kind of dog I was (Pomeranian) or what my ideal job would be (cruise director). It was an entertaining and amusing time waster.

On a more serious note, I think better knowing yourself can make you a better spouse, parent, and co-worker. When you know what bothers you, you can learn how to deal with it more effectively and possibly even avoid situations which cause conflicts. You can cope better with the world around you, when you understand your motivations and needs.personality test

Likely, we would agree that it feels really good to know yourself as an individual. The more insight you have about how you move in your world, the easier it is to love yourself. You are an incredible person. You really should love yourself. When you can determine what your best and worst traits are, you can work toward growing in your weak areas and maximizing what already comes easily. It’s validating to establish yourself as an individual, a unique person.

It’s also really helpful to know the personalities of the people around you. I find it so beneficial to know the motivations, the “why they act the way they do” of people in my life. If I know what makes someone tick, then I can empathize with and understand him or her so much more. I wish I could guarantee that knowing my husband’s personality type would completely eliminate fights with him, but so far, no such luck. He thinks it might go better if I knew what kind of dog he is.

It’s validating to be asked questions about ourselves, and then have a quiz tell you accurate things about ourselves! I find myself saying, “Wow! That was spot on!” It is relieving to feel so understood. I think the information I glean is more definitive and more well worded than what I could really think of myself. Understanding our own personality, and feeling understood and accepted, absolutely can help your self-confidence and motivation.

Now that you’re completely excited to take some quizzes, here are some of my favorites: This quiz uses four different letters to describe yourself. It explains it all for you there at the site. It’s my absolute go-to quiz. It is one of the most accurate and thorough quizzes I’ve encountered. I’d love to hear what personality you are! If you only have time to do one personality assessment, please make it this one (or the dog breed one! ) This test is modeled after Five Factors of Personality, which many experts in the field agree will give you a great overarching viewpoint of who you are. It’s quick to take and intentionally very general. DISC is great for working moms, but also anyone who interacts with people on an organized level. It can help you know what kind of jobs you’d best be suited for, especially if you register for free and get the more in depth assessment. All you do on this one is pick colors, first favorite to least and then least to favorite. This is the ONLY quiz I’ve ever taken in my entire life which told me I was an introvert, but every other assessment in my results was completely accurate. (This one did not seem to give results from my phone, but worked just fine from my computer.) is another one with the four letters. This one frames the questions a little differently and offers different insights. Because of course you want to know what flavor of ice cream you are! I bet you’re delicious! I know you’re curious!

I pray you gain a new level of self awareness by taking these tests. I would love if they help you gain confidence in yourself and the beautiful human you were created to be. I hope you use these tests to help you verbalize who you are and to grow closer to your family!


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    Amy Jones March 10, 2017 at 6:20 am #

    I love the Strength Finder book! Has taught me so much about myself!

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