I hope you enjoyed Mom Hacks Part 1.  I’m back with more tried and true mom hacks to share.  Carry on, super moms.


This is a reader submission – I’m looking at you, Nancy and Lauri!  Two kids + front seat = fight. Give one kid EVEN and one kid ODD. On odd number days, the kid with odd gets the front seat and vice versa on even number days. Worked like a charm! It helped that one of my kids has 6 letters in her name and the other has 5 letters in his name. 
My “kids” are now young adults and they STILL do this!

With younger kids, we’ve used the same system – just with the backseat of the van and the middle seat.  Solid problem solving and one less battle!


Ikea doesn’t sponsor my blog posts, but they probably should!  They certainly “sponsor” my home … or, well, I pay them for some of their Swedish goodness.  Last month I shared Ikea’s vertical hook system.  My husband and I also have a set of Ikea horizontal hooks in our bedroom right behind our closet door (on the wall outside of the closet.)  I was tired of his button-up shirts being hung on the post of our bed and his khakis draped everywhere.  Now he hangs them!  And I also hang my hoodies – they get frequent wear post-work Mr. Rogers style.


Things I cannot stand: clutter.  My house: SO much clutter. While I have some control over the amount of stuff that enters my home, with three in school now, I have zero control over the amount of paper that enters on the daily. This year we implemented a “paper bin” system so when they enter, they empty their backpacks and put all papers into the bins.  When I get home from work, I go through their bins and recycle what I can, fill out what I can, and store what comes later back in the bins.  One slot for each kid. I didn’t have to search hard for the bin – TJ Maxx often has containers perfect for this. At least I can SEE my counters (most of the time) now.


These are both websites that make random decisions. allows you to enter a number and then randomly selects one from the range. allows you to type in options and then spins a wheel.  And they aren’t just for winning free ::fill in the blank for direct sales contest:: stuff! These websites make silly amounts of decisions for us.  From who gets to pick the movie on movie night to where we get pizza from and so much more. This is the ultimate in making a fair and quick choice.


We keep one 8×10 picture of each of our girls around the house.  Behind the current photo, we store the previous photo.  (Maybe everyone does this?) Sooooo, every time it’s time to change out 8×10’s, I get to take a giant walk down memory lane and line them all up and ooo and ahh over how much they’ve changed so quickly.  When the frame gets too bogged down (this happens), I move them to a drawer next to where the pictures sit. That way I can still get them out and line them all up.  My mom did this and I remember as a child getting to line up my own pictures.  It’s a fun tradition.


So, this one isn’t so much a hack as a life saver. Our mornings are tight (thanks, snooze button) so I’m very glad that my girls are all in charge of their wardrobe choices. Do they look ridiculous often? Um, solid yes. Are they confident in their skin? Sure are. This one less thing I micromanage and one more opportunity to grow their little personalities.  More about this “hack” here.

Feel free to continue sharing your hacks at [email protected]  I love learning all of your tricks of the trade!

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