Ladies, the pressure seems to always be on for the perfect body, the perfect workout, the perfect diet and maybe its time for a change. So, no more perfect anything, no more dragging ourselves to the gym for another monotonous workout and trying to burn off the calories from our last cheat meal. Now is the time to find strength, empowerment and confidence with new goals in strength training- a.k.a Powerlifting!

Why strength train? Maybe you’re wondering why you’d even step foot in a gym where barbells are the main equipment and there’s one lonely treadmill in sight and its not even plugged in. 

  1. Women NEED to strength train for fighting those hormones like estrogen that sets in around our bellies as we age
  2. Boney density and osteoperosis are fought by strength training 
  3. Confidence. I love when I see other wallflowers like me come in and come out of their shell because loading weight on a bar can be scary at first-but once you realize your power-you overcome that fear and rise up.
  4. Therapy. “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t. ” Elle Woods, Legally Blonde

What do I wear?  Stretchy pants: be it leggings, capri’s or booty shorts-it needs to be material that will move with your body. Spandex, lycra, cotton blend  and nylon are good materials to look for when purchasing any of the above listed.

I’m not sure people wear windbreakers anymore, but if you do, don’t bring those and ditch the sweat pants too. You’ll be able to squat with ease, let the bar ride on the deadlift,  and a #protip: before you buy, do a quick bend and booty check for leggings that might be too thin and show off your leopard undies. I mean, its okay, but at least you will know what you’re showing the world instead of being surprised. 


What kind of shoes do I need? Shoes get their own category cause… shoes{insert heart eye emoji}. Tennis shoes or running shoes are just fine for your first few times, but you will find that a flat shoe-like Converse-will help give you a solid base as you’re learning the lifts. Many lifters continue with a flat soled shoe but others will eventually move to a weightlifting shoe as it supports and enhances the lifter. 

Do I need special Gear? If you’ve seen lifters on social media you will typically see them with some sort of gear on:
Knee sleeves, knee wraps, wrist wraps, lifting straps, elbow sleeves, lifting belt, long socks, chalk, and maybe a singlet. 
Yon’t need any of that. If you end up walking in on day one and unleashing some hidden talent that you are going to max out in the 300’s on a squat-we have a belt you can use-so don’t worry about bringing any gear intially. Don’t bring gloves. DON’T. Many people think gloves are going to protect their hands from callouses or make lifting easier when all it does is protect your hands from callouses. When you bring gloves you can’t feel the bar and  your grip is compromised. Callouses can be filed down and chalk can be used to adaquately grip the bar. 

Will I be sore? Yup. Strength training encompases more muscles than you would hit running or biking. You’ll feel parts of your legs and arms you didn’t know existed-and that’s GOOD! Proper post training stretching, nutrition following training will help soreness subside. Soreness is not the same as pain so always be sure to talk to your trainer about how you are feeling during and after lifting. 

I Hate being the Newbie: It can be intimdating in a powerlifting gym-there’s a lot of weight being pulled or pressed and you can feel like turning around and going back to something more comfortable. Don’t. Everyone had to start somewhere. Don’t let experienced lifters intimidate you, they have a lot of information to share, encouragement to give and they want to see others also find the love of lifting. 

Won’t I get huge by lifting weights?: Biggest training myth-like, ever. Just because you’re strength training and getting stronger doens’t mean your muscles will bulge. For females especially you’re going to have to take testosterone or other steroids to create the bulk, or, eat more than you are burning in a training session. Strength training creates fat loss and muscle definition( or in other words-lean and toned) Don’t believe the hype, it all comes down to training and caloric intake. 

I’d love if you’d join my gym QC Barbell Davenport and meet all the amazing women we have that are lifting. I love the fact that we are about equal, if not more so, a gym filled with female lifters-and some of the most encouraging women you will ever meet. Take a chance and see what strength training can do for you !



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