As a massage therapist, I hear all the time how people feel about their body. Oftentimes, during someone’s first appointment I’ll get apologies for all sorts of minor bodily features. I get comments about someone’s perceived needs to lose a few pounds or inches here or there, an apology for a missed spot on shaved legs and lots of comments about how this issue or that is “The worst _________ you’ve probably ever seen, right?”

I’m here to tell you that your massage therapist doesn’t care about any of that.

Moms are the worst at the body apologizing, and all I can say is “Stop it!” Here is what your massage therapist actually sees when working on a mom.

I usually start my clients supine, or face up, so we’ll start there.



Where you see dark eye circles and crows feet, I see a mom who needs this hour of massage as time to herself, to focus on herself. I see a mom who loses sleep over her child whether it be a newborn struggling to find their nights or a teenager pushing curfew boundaries. As for crows feet and laugh lines, I see a face that has taken in its share of pain and sorrow and also laughed at silly jokes and funny faces.



Next I usually work on a clients hands and arms, here’s where the brunt of a mama’s work is done. I see arms that have held babies big and small. I see arms whose embrace has the magical power to right most wrongs in the world. I see hands that are strong enough to separate those stubborn legos and tender enough to hold a new walker’s hand.



Working on a mom’s legs, I see legs that have gone from standing tall to bending down to kid height multiple times a day. I see feet that have been used to pick up things off the floor while holding a baby and talking on the phone (am I the only one that does this?) and feet that have found their fair share of legos in the dark….


Turning over and working on the back is really the bread and butter of a good massage. As soon as my hands land on someone’s shoulders I inevitably hear “I store my stress in my shoulders, these are probably the worst you’ve seen” Moms have shoulders that carry the weight of the world (and their kids) on them 24/7. Those knots are well deserved, and no they are not the worst I’ve ever seen.


Overall when I talk to women about getting a massage, they say that they are afraid of what their massage therapist might think. I’m here to tell you, they are thinking of all the hard work that your body goes through and trying to figure out how to make you feel as best as we possibly can. So seriously, give up the apologies and get yourself the massage your body deserves!

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