All those Independence Day festivities are right around the corner. If you are like most Americans (and my family), that means plenty of food and drinks. 

Want a fun (and simple) drink that will be the hit of the buffet table?

This FLAG JUICE is my favorite punch for patriotic festivities. It looks great, tastes yummy, and gets lots of attention.

Bonus: This red, white and blue punch is a snap to make. (That means you still have plenty of time to whip it up for your 4th of July barbecue. Promise.)


  • Cranberry juice (not cranberry juice cocktail)
  • Blue Gatorade
  • Sprite Zero

(Note: The amount of each drink shouldn’t matter. I aim for about a liter of each drink, depending on the size of the container. If you want more of a certain color, just add more of that drink.)


  1. Clean and prep a clear container with a spout at the bottom.
  2. Start by pouring the entire jug of cranberry juice into a canister.
  3. Fill the with ice above the juice and then slowly pour a large bottle of blue Gatorade on top of the ice. (The Gatorade should touch the ice and stay on top of the red drink.)
  4. Finish with more ice to the top and a liter of Sprite Zero, pouring slowly.

The magic of this drink is that the colors remain separated in the container, even when you put it into glasses. (It does mix in the glass.) It’s edible science – all dependent on the sugar content of the drinks. 

And don’t think that this is only a summer drink. It is fun all year! It made a great addition to a superhero party. (See the whole superhero training academy here.)

What do you think? Will this be on your menu for the weekend?

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