What constitutes a successful day for you in the summer?

“No one broke any bones, drowned, or got sun burn blisters.”

“Everyone is alive and mommy hasn’t had too much coffee/wine.”

“We did four hours of homeschool, baked homemade bread, and a three course dinner is on the table by 5:30pm.”

I’m sure we all have different answers to that question. For me, it’s if we accomplished these four things, we’ve hit that “good day” mark:

  1. Make two out of three healthy meals for my kids.
  2. Read three books to them, one of them being a Bible story.
  3. Dance and laugh with the kids, both at least once.
  4. No more than 2 hours of screen time.

Extra credit/goals:

  1. Do a fun outing or activity of some sort (even if it’s letting them play at the YMCA for an hour while I workout, but preferably something they will scream in excitement over. For example, the children’s museum, zoo, library, craft time, or a play date.) * This one might be on most people’s everyday list, but for me, 2-3x a week is where I’m at, homie.
  2. Do a load of laundry to completion.
  3. Clean the kitchen. *30 minutes after breakfast, put on music and clean in the kitchen. This doesn’t always get done because there are thousands of little needs to be met. But #goals.

My life felt like such a crap shoot for awhile there. My boobs were leaking milk, we were rarely getting places on time, we often showed up places with a kid or two missing shoes, and matching socks were out of the question.

I was the definition of a hot mess. I was struggling with energy and survival, seriously. There were good and bad moments, but probably more of the latter.

I needed a way to mark my success as a mom. In the workplace, you have a list of tasks that need to get done and there’s some kind of a start/end game. With motherhood, it’s unclear when and how your days will start and finish.

So I came up with my own measure of success so when my husband asked me about my day, I could answer based on something other than “well we only had two milk spills, I didn’t lose my cool in public, …..” on and on for anoher half hour of rambling about our happenings.

If we accomplished the three of the top four priorities (⅔ meals healthy, reading time, dancing together, and reasonable screen time), it was deemed officially a good day. If I went above and beyond by doing some of the extra credit stuff (hold onto your hats ladies) it was a GREAT day, at least in the parenting sense. Bonus points if I don’t blow up on someone.

We have to take lots of deep breaths in my house.

There are only so many controllables when your kids are super young. I don’t say that as an excuse but as a reminder that we can create structure and marks for success. We have the power as parents to foster whatever type of environment we want in our homes, and to create fun experiences and memories through the mundane.

And this little mini checklist helps me do that.

We still rarely have matching socks or make it places on time, but my boobs no longer leak milk and two out of three kids can buckle themselves into their car seats. So I’d say we’re moving in the right direction.

Now, cheers to a fabulous summer filled with fresh food even more fun! YOU CAN DO THIS!

What would be on your successful day checklist?

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  1. Meghan Cooley
    Meghan Cooley July 24, 2017 at 9:54 am #

    I love the realness of this post! Such great advice. And I love that you are realistic with screen time. And reading. 3 books a day…love it.

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