Fun mom is B-A-C-K! She arrived around Memorial Day but only can stay a few months. She always maximizes her annual visits.  There’s a whole lot more “yes”, “sure”, “absolutely” and “of course” and much less “no”, “I mean it”, and “absolutely not”. It feels so good to welcome her back and everyone in the house breathes a sigh of relief while she’s here. To be perfectly honest I prefer summer mom too.


Her visits are welcome after a loonnnggg 9 month hiatus. No more bed times, early wake up calls, demands to do homework or shower (well there may be a few requests to shower…or at least to jump in the pool and rinse off).

You want ice cream for breakfast? Cool.

You want to build a fort in the family room ….and leave it there a week? Sounds like a great idea to me.

You want to camp out in the basement and play Xbox into the wee hours. Why not?!

For three full months of the year I get to be a cool mom. Life’s short. Childhood is a glimmer in time. Live it.  LOVE it. Most of all enjoy it. But no worries. FUN mom’s responsible twin will make her return late August. Routine, structure and discipline will be back in full force when we say good-bye to summer mom and hello to reality mom. But until then…crank the tunes…make the messes…throw together spontaneous plans…just brush your teeth twice a day and kiss me goodnight. 

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  1. Meghan Cooley
    Meghan Cooley July 28, 2017 at 7:58 am #

    YES! I like fun mom the best, too 🙂

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