Ready or not-here it comes! Back to school countdown is ON and whether I’m ready for 4 kids in 3 schools doesn’t matter because-it’s happening. 

Pro-Tip #1: This one takes taking a step back in time-or locking away for end of next school year-REUSE those half used notebooks, never sharpened pencils and still usable dry erase markers! You can still purchase items needed for the cheapest price NOW-but then SAVE it for the middle of the year when new is needed. By doing this my youngest only needs a few items to finish out his list. 

Pro-Tip #2: Plan your trip! Sure its easier to make a one stop shop to get everything all at once, but you might save some dollars just by scouring the ads and finding each item’s best price at each store. You will have to decide if its worth the gas money to drive all over the place, but with coupons and deals of the day-it just might be worth the time. 

Pro-Tip #3: Go late in the day. Unless you enjoy crowds and children swarming the back to school aisle, going later in the evening with lesser crowds is much less stressful and gets you in and out fast! I wouldn’t recommend going the night before school starts because it will NOT be quiet then. 

Pro-Tip #4: Wait. Making sure your child has a notebook, pencil and sharpener is vital for the first day. Sometimes the items will be marked down after that first week of school( you may not be able to pick out the color/style your child wants tho so be warned if your child NEEDS that Lisa Frank trapper-it might not still be there-do they still make those??)

Pro-Tip #5: Ask the Teacher: If you wait until you have Unpack Backpack night, or registration day where you can meet your teacher-just ask her/him what they NEED. This also isn’t specific to the beginning of the year, keeping in contact with your child’s teacher throughout the year to check in on classroom needs will be so helpful to them, your child and the classroom as a whole. 

Pro-Tip #6: Know your child. If your child is prone to allergies and likely to use a lot of kleenex-send extra. If your child uses their #2 pencil until its a tiny little barely able to hold onto stub-one box of pencils will more than last. If your child stuffs his folders at the bottom of the backpack-buy extra folders, and if your daughter loses items frequently, make her buy that expensive pencil case with the glitter because then she might take better care! 

What is your Pro-Tip? Are you ready for school to start?

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