I gave up.

I’m not one to ever encourage giving up or quitting. It honestly goes against ever I believe in. But this summer I gave up.

I gave up a tidy house. I gave up on keeping up with laundry. I gave up on mealtimes. I gave up on any semblance of a bedtime or alarm clock. I gave up on structure, schedules, and some would say sensibility.

June I had my first taste of what it’s like to have a kiddo in high school sports. The month was filled with early alarm clocks. So not cool in the summer. As full as our schedule was it didn’t even compare to what

many of my friends calendars looked like, but it was enough for us. Nearly daily double header baseball games. Soccer camps. Running kids. Finishing volunteer commitments. Crushing business goals. June was exhausting.

Then July 4th hit. We hosted families for a little shin-dig to celebrate America. A day filled with fun in the sun. Cocktails by the pool. And a big ole mess as evidence of a day well spent. I put my troops to work, got the house back to status quo and then realized with all of our obligations over our summer had officially began.

So on July 5 I gave up. I decided for 6 or so weeks I could give up on responsibility. Our summers are dwindling quickly. I’ve spent too many summer days through the years forgoing fun for laundry. Missing out on pool time to tidy the house. Overthinking responsibilities instead of choosing spontaneity.  

We stay up way too late. Sleep until we’re ready to rise. We’re living the remaining summer days totally on Crawford family terms. Some days we forgo lunch or have ice cream and call it good. The responsibilities of my business that can’t wait a few weeks are snuck in sitting in the sunshine watching the boys in the pool or late at night when everyone is in bed or the boys are chilling with some Xbox.  

This summer I decided not to over-plan or over-think anything. We just wake up and do whatever sounds good each day. I let laundry pile up until we need underwear. The house is less than perfect. Some days it’s not even presentable and I cringe when the doorbell rings. We eat out. A lot. I definitely won’t win any awards for structured parenting…at least not until the school year rolls around.

We have 18 summers with out kids. Our kids won’t remember if the furniture was dusted but they will remember the impromptu day trips, the mini-golf, drive-in, baseball games, pool time, and the late night movies with a plateful of pizza rolls.

Sometimes it is okay to give up. 18 summers. Let that soak in. Then grab your kiddos and go soak up the fun.

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