Kind is most certainly the new cool and I couldn’t be more excited about that. What a great time to be raising kids!  Need a tangible (and very fun) way to help your kids foster kindness and spread joy? Enter Kindness Rocks.

Kindness rocks are literal rocks (stones) that are painted or colored with inspirational messages or a fun picture and then hidden around for others to find. When a rock is found, it should bring the finder joy and then be rehidden for another person to find.

Many Facebook groups exist to track the rocks. The name of the group is often written in Sharpie on the back of the rock. When you find a rock, you can take a picture of it to post on the Facebook group before rehiding. Where you replace the rock is entirely up to you – perhaps you relocate in the same area, transport to another area, or take it on an upcoming vacation and find the perfect new rock home.

This is an excellent project for kids of all ages. They can be an integral part of each step. In order to participate in this project, you need rocks. These can be found or purchased. Clean the rocks and let them dry. It is best to paint pens or acrylic paint, but Sharpies will also work. Then decorate away! There are zero rules and, when left to their own devices, kids really do a nice job thinking of kind things to say, pictures to make, and messages to print.

Remember to add your local group’s Facebook page on the back. In the Quad City area, I’ve found QCRocks and #IGotRockedQC.  More and more seem to be popping up each day! When the rocks have thoroughly dried, spray them with a sealer.  This will help them last longer outdoors in the elements. It may be best to do two coats, letting them dry in between.

After the sealer is dry, brainstorm places to hide the rocks and hide them! This is a nation-wide project. My girls got to find rocks from another group while on vacation and the joy this brought them was immense, which is a testament to the mission of the project.

One small kind act can be the sign someone else didn’t know they were looking for. Enjoy “rocking” your area!


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