2 hours.

I left my house at 2:00 pm to get a parking spot to pick my son up who gets out at 2:25 pm. We stopped home for a bathroom break, water bottle refill and went to the high school to pick up  my oldest who gets out at 3:02 pm(ya that’s not a typo) and then we trekked across the craziness that is teenage drivers, train crossings and a massive road construction that has been going on all summer-to make it to the Jr. High pick up-at 3:35 pm.
By the time I had everyone and pulled into the driveway-it was 4:00 pm. 

So far this school year I am without a carpool and have yet to figure out a better system than going back in time and try to not have a child every 2 years.  As I sat and mentally complained, went through all the people I knew I could entice to carpool with I decided it can’t just be me going through this madness day in and day out, right? 

Here are some ideas to not lose your mind every day after school-while picking up your kids. 

  1. Volunteer-even if its just for 20 minutes, maybe my sons teacher needs an extra hand getting kids ready to leave
  2. Exercise-get those steps in-take a walk, jog, walking lunges, jumping jacks-invite a fellow parent to join in 
  3. Read-that overdue library book, a magazine, Facebook-whatever your little heart desires
  4. Sleep-lay the chair back(maybe lock your door) put your sunglasses on and close your eyes.  It’s probably a good idea to set your alarm for end of school day too, just in case the tireds hit you hard. 
  5. Mini spa-bring some nail products and paint your nails, or put the make up on you didn’t get to earlier today
  6. Listen-Music, podcasts, books : Mom taxi=mom’s music choice
  7. Clean-bring some car cleaner, garbage bags and a hand held vacuum-you know there’s always something lurking in a vehicle with kids. 
  8. Work-make sure the laptop is charged and get those last minute emails sent for the day
  9. Eat-how many meals as a busy mom have you skipped-have some snacks ready for you and the early pick up kiddo 
  10. Schedule- Dr, Dentist, Hair, etc. perfect time to get those appointments set
  11. Pay bills-yuck
  12. Shop-ya once those bills are paid, a little online shopping for Christmas ?!
  13. Talk-maybe those family phone calls that can go on for hours-you can check in and then let them know you just picked up your child and have to drive to the next but just wanted to say hi-totally counts. 
  14. Send a note-of thanks, of thinking about you-have cards or emails ready and just take a minute to let someone know you care
  15. Meet others-I’m not good at this but all those other parents parked next to you-go say hi, make a new friend!
  16. Find a recipe-you know they’re gonna ask whats for dinner so have a recipe on hand and be ready to divvy up jobs so they can help cook
  17. Grocery pick up-last think you want to do after picking up kids is go to the store at 4 pm for that one ingredient you missed-use the online grocer’s website and order what you need for pick up and you don’t even have to get out of your car!
  18. Plan-a birthday party, a cookout, the holidays, the next school fundraiser or even the next date night
  19. Sell-take photos of what you want to sell before you leave home and wait to upload to a swap site 
  20. Design-go through all those photos you take and make a photo book or online scrapbook
  21. Contact your local, state and national politicians-we all want a say but rarely send the email or  make the phone call to let our voice be heard
  22. Create-knit, crochet, cross stitch, draw, or even just color
  23. Dream-your next vacation, redecorating your home, what winning the lottery would look like(having a personal driver?)
  24. Call the school district to find out if your home really and truly is too close to the school that the bus can’t pick them up
  25. Learn patience-there will be people who won’t follow school rules (or even legal traffic rules). I’ve seen shouting matches in front of kids, road rage and none of that is helpful or safe. Take any issues directly to the school principal or the district administration and then- breathe. We can do this mamas. 

What would go on your list? 


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