I often hear, “Why do you blog? I could never do that!” First, we don’t all have to do be good at everything and we don’t have to try everything. Second, we all have different talents to offer this world. Blogging is something that fits me. 

It offers connection
I believe in the concept that “it takes a village.” Being a parent is hard. Super hard. Harder than I ever expected. And we can’t do it alone. There are many ways to connect with other parents, and yet, parenting can be lonely. Through blogging, I am able to write, share, and engage with others who are like-minded, and I feel good about my little contribution. I view my blogs as conversation starters, and these conversations have helped me to normalize parenting (read of a few of my confessions) versus reaching for an unattainable standard. Because this is a local blog, I run into others and continue the conversation, and I hope it sparks conversation between other moms and dads. Read my post on “5 lessons from having it all”.

It challenges me to grow as a person
Everyone has an opinion. It’s the most glaring piece of blogging that both bothers me and energizes me. Because of the topics I write about on this blog, it can be like taking my personal journal and opening the pages for all to read. Therefore, it’s open for all to have an opinion, and I have found my share of critics. I have also found an amazing community of people. 
Each time I hit publish, I have to take a deep breath. You never know how someone will perceive your writing. The hard part is that many of the critics are the people that I thought would be the most supportive. They are also the ones that probably have the most comfort to tell me what they think (or in most cases tell others what they think of my blogging). 
But I have grown as a person, as a wife, as a community member, and as a writer since adding blogging to my plate. I have grown in my confidence and I have met some amazing people through the QCMB family
It’s good for my career
In addition to making awesome connections and sparking personal growth, blogging has been good for me professionally. It’s not why I started blogging and it’s not why I continue to do this (especially since time is a limited resource), but it’s been an added benefit. I’ve met really smart, talented, creative people who have been willing to teach me more about web development, content marketing, design, blogging tips and tricks, creative writing, etc. As technology changes quickly, I am engaging in it and getting my hands dirty. Blogging has become a great training ground for other areas of my life.  
If blogging is something that you have ever considered, you might think about joining the QCMB team. It’s a great group of  women and the rewards are plentiful. Each of us has our own creative voice. The pay is low (nothing) and it’s only one post a month – about two hours of my time. This is my little contribution to the world of parenting. 
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