If I asked every reader to define this word we would have a plethora of answers. Maybe you’re envisioning your own family right now, or your family growing up?

My own family is pretty standard if there is such a standard definition of family in 2017. Technically speaking I grew up as a child of divorce, my step-dad came into my family when I was about 5 years old. Growing up I never realized the choice he made to enter our family of 4(my mom, my brothers and me).

As I looked down after birthing each of my four children, into a squished up crying little face, I immediately took on the title of parent, but that surely didn’t mean I knew anything about parenting. I don’t have to look very far-and I’m sure you don’t either- to know someone who has stepped up to take on a parental role even though they aren’t the biological parent. 

On being chosen….

These Moms/Dads didn’t have to step up  and take responsibility and care for a child they didn’t birth. They chose to. They chose to be there for the:

  • 2 a.m. feedings
  • potty training
  • school drop off and pick up
  • coaching a sport or taking to practices
  • attending concerts and games
  • helping with homework
  • disciplining
  • bandaging scrapped knees
  • reading bedtime stories
  • laughter and tears

Connecting and being present makes up more of being a parent than DNA ever could. Parenting is filled with highs, lows and the mundane, so when someone steps in to be the parent of a child he/she did not “create” I think that makes them a hero. 

To all those who stepped up, no matter what your situation is, I hope you know how amazing and important you are. 

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