The sign in our hallway reads “Start each day with a grateful heart”. A simple message. Should be so easy but let’s be real, you and I both know life can make it difficult to execute this task every day. 

The alarm goes off and the feeling of dread for this night owl comes over me. “Start each day with a grateful heart” echoes in my ear. I remind myself that I AM grateful to be awake, alive and breathing for another day. 

The thought of getting out from under my warm comforter is daunting ….but a little nudge to shift my attitude turns toward gratitude for a cozy bed, in a warm home.

I try to find an excuse not to put on those tennis shoes to hit the gym but that sign convicts me to instead find gratitude that my body is physically able to have that choice.

This very uninspired, not so friendly non-morning person stumbles down the hallway to accomplish that dreaded daily chore of packing cold lunches. The sign catches my eye and immense gratitude comes over me that A – we have healthy, growing, children and B -we have a variety and abundance of food to nourish their ravenous appetites. 


Deciding to start your day with a grateful heart is a decision. Negative thoughts try to steal our joy every single day. But choosing joy starts with choosing to find gratitude in all things. 

When I think of how many potentially negative thoughts popped into my head before my day had even started, my “choosing joy” mindset is clearly a work in progress. The challenge doesn’t end once the morning is over. The driver that cuts you off, hitting the red light, long lines when you are in a hurry, having your take-out order messed up, not reaching goals you set, a disagreement with your spouse….all these moment attempt to steal our joy. The decision to start the day with a grateful heart helps us see the clarity in those fleeting moments and find the gratitude in the most simple moments.

Start each day with a grateful heart. Seems so basic. Yet so powerful. A message that bears  repeating over and over and over again.  Not only for us, but for our impressionable kiddos too. Our sweet instinctually positive babies with attitudes not yet tarnished by real life. Children growing up in a world where negativity, comparison, and uncertainty surrounds them with attempts to plague their pure little hearts. 

So in our home….before we go out in the real world we try our absolute best to start our day with grateful hearts. Grateful for our home, our friends, our lives. Grateful for each other.  Grateful for this life.  Grateful that we get to choose joy every single day.    

What are you grateful for today? 

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