My daughter LOVES to create masterpieces every day. She pulls down her box of supplies and demands to color any time she enters our kitchen where our box is stored. I thought today I would share some of the toddler friendly supplies we have in ours!


Crayola Color Wonder Markers and Books

These are AMAZING! The Color Wonder markers ONLY color on the special paper. Which means no mess on your furniture, their clothes, or the walls. I never worry giving Mayla these and letting her color on her own. 


Jumbo Crayons

Perfect for little hands and harder to break. 

Water Colors

These can get messy, but are an easy clean up! I strip Mayla down to her diaper and let her paint at the dining room table. She loves mixing up the colors. 

Coloring Books

For those crayons. 😉 I also will print off free coloring pages for her to color. Especially for specific holidays so the grandparents can get a fun art piece for their fridge.


These are probably Mayla’s favorite art supplies. They’re fun and come in practically everything you can imagine! One of our favorite sticker activities is to make a zoo. All I do is draw cages on a piece of paper and let her stick animal stickers on the page. It’s also a great way to help her learn animal noises. 


I’ll admit, this hasn’t made it to our box yet. But I’ve gladly sent some along with Mayla to grandma’s house. 😉 What kid doesn’t love playdoh? And what mom doesn’t fear it getting stuck in their carpet? 

We also have basic supplies like paper, extra paint brushes, and baby wipes (for clean-up). Everything fits in a tote I picked up at Target with a locking lid, to limit Mayla’s access to her supplies. Easy to store and pull out when she wants to play Picasso. 


What is in your art supplies box? Anything we should add?

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