I initially started this post with the best of intentions. I set out to write the definitive list of gifts for harried parents of children on the autism spectrum. I soon realized such a list was not possible. The spectrum is so wide reaching, that each child has their own unique set of challenges and needs. My list would only be applicable for those children who are older, but with severe deficits in language.

One of the struggles with many autistics is that they have obsessive behaviors; they become hyper focused and single-minded, but it also is a short term focus. Several months ago, it was M&M’s and Cars. Currently, it is The Little Mermaid and Cheez-It’s. By the time Christmas actually gets here, it will probably be something completely different. So, instead of a brilliant list of the perfect holiday gifts for a child on the autism spectrum. I have come up with a list of all of my thoughts while shopping for Christmas presents for my child on the spectrum…..

  1. Would it be wrong to wrap up an economy size box of Cheez-It’s?  
  2. Maybe we should just get duplicates of all of his favorite movies so when he breaks them, we are covered.
  3. Why am I wrapping these so nicely?  I’m going to be the one opening them up anyway.
  4. Did I drink that whole bottle of wine?
  5. Searches “autism toys” on Amazon
  6. Ugh, why are all these educational?  
  7. So. Many. Fidget. Spinners.
  8. I think shopping for the 12 year old may actually be worse this year.
  9. Dear Toys R Us, this is the exact same Toy Catalog for the differently abled that you had last year.  I see what you’re doing Nick Lachey.
  10. Has those. Hated those. Will try to eat those.
  11. How much is it to build an indoor trampoline park?
  12. Is the ceiling strong enough to support a swing?
  13. Can our Disney trip just count as his gift?  No, that’s not until next year.  Stupid expensive Disney World.
  14. Just kidding, Disney, we love you.  
  15. We should just get him my socks.  He loves flapping those.  
  16. Wait, is he playing with bubble wrap?  I didn’t even know he knew about that.
  17. Searches Amazon for boxes of bubble wrap.
  18. If I get him these calming ribbons, maybe he’ll leave my socks alone.
  19. I wonder if I can talk Chris into a swimming pool.
  20. What about coupons for snuggles? No, those would be more for me.
  21. Haha! I’m getting him the Little Mermaid doll.  Let’s see how his dad feels about that.
  22. Maybe I can do a dramatic interpretation of one of his books, like Joey did for Emma on Friends.
  23. The button on his Ipad is going out……perfect! *Orders new ipad*
  24. Which of these books has the easiest to rip pages?
  25. *Adds wine to the grocery list*
  26. *Can’t find “The Little Mermaid” one afternoon* Perfect, a three pack of “The Little Mermaid” movies.
  27. *Finds “The Little Mermaid.” Now we will have a back-up!
  28. *Googles autism toys*
  29. Why have we bought all of these things already?!  
  30. He’s going to hate all of these things anyway, why am I stressing myself out?
  31. *Buys family size box of Cheez-It’s*…………..*Buys 2 bottles of wine*

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  1. Meghan Cooley
    Meghan Cooley December 15, 2017 at 9:50 am #

    Just Kidding, Disney, we love you. I AM DYING!!! This is priceless. Thank you.

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