If you are anything like me, this last year was a hard one intellectually and emotionally. I approach the new year drained, but ready to be reinvigorated. 2018 must be the year of daily celebrations. Unfortunately, many people won’t find things to celebrate every day. Little do these people know that there are literally things to celebrate every day of the year: friendship day, sister day, pickle day. There. Is. Literally. A. Day. For. Everything. As a matter of fact, there are multiple celebrations on any given day, so we should all be able to find something to brighten each day. I’ve taken the liberty of picking my favorite ones for each day through March 31, and will share them below.

January 1 – National Weigh In Day – Obviously
January 2 – National Buffet Day – My niece’s favorite day of the year, but perhaps badly placed (after National Weigh In Day)
January 3 – National Festival of Sleep Day – I’m already looking forward to celebrating this one.
January 4 – National Cookie Day – Everyone should celebrate this one. Snickerdoodle please!
January 5 – National Spaghetti Day – Is there a meatball day? I bet there is!
January 6 – National Cuddle Up Day – I’ll pass. Can I celebrate spaghetti day again?
January 7 – Harlem Globetrotter Day
January 8 – Clean Off Your Desk Day – I’m sure a boss somewhere came up with this.
January 9 – National Poetry at Work Day – I can think of lots of things to rhyme with car.
January 10 – Peculiar People Day
January 11 – National Milk Day – Show your mustaches!
January 12 – Kiss A Ginger Day – As a ginger, kiss the other ones. I’ve got my favorite one already.
January 13 – Rubber Duckie Day – A favorite of Bert….or is it Ernie?
January 14 – Dress Up Your Pet Day
January 15 – Strawberry Ice Cream Day – Just leave the chocolate and vanilla stripes alone.
January 16 – National Nothing Day – A day where you’re supposed to do nothing. Sign me up!
January 17 – Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions Day – Shouldn’t this be January 3?
January 18 – Winnie the Pooh Day
January 19 – National Popcorn Day – “Would you like butter on that?” What a weird question to ask.
January 20 – Cheese Lovers Day – Is there cheese in nachos?
January 21 – International Sweatpants Day – By sweatpants, do you mean yoga pants?
January 22 – National Hot Sauce Day
January 23 – National Pie Day –  Pumpkin, please…..
January 24 – Talk Like A Grizzled Prospector Day
January 25 – National Irish Coffee Day – aka Sunday’s
January 26 – International Fun At Work Day – Isn’t this everyday ? Just in case my boss reads this.
January 27 – World Breast Pumping Day – Working moms celebrate this all the time.
January 28 – Blueberry Pancake Day
January 29 – Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – This day is poppin’
January 30 – National Croissant Day
January 31 – Gorilla Suit Day
February 1 – Decorating With Candy Day – My mil’s name is Candy, so this has a double meaning.
February 2 – National Bubblegum Day – I was wrong. This day is poppin’
February 3 – National Ice Cream for Breakfast Day – I’m pretty sure my kids invented this one….
February 4 – World Cancer Day
February 5 – World Nutella Day – I’ll celebrate it by putting it in my ice cream.
February 6 – Frozen Yogurt Day – I can put Nutella in here too.
February 7 – Send a Card To a Friend Day
February 8 – Laugh and Get Rich Day – I’m trying it right now. It must just work on February 8.
February 9 – National Pizza Day – I celebrated this yesterday….and a days before that…
February 10 – National Umbrella Day – There’s nothing funny about this one. It just makes sense if it’s raining.
February 11 – National Make a Friend Day – Not with me. I’m not volunteering.
February 12 – Darwin Day
February 13 – Get a Different Name Day – I always wanted to be Kira when I was 8. Like from Xanadu.
February 14 – National Donor’s Day – Donate blood, time, or money. Make a difference.
February 15 – National Gumdrop Day
February 16 – National Almond Day
February 17 – Random Acts of Kindness Day – See February 14.
February 18 – National Wine Day – I’m celebrating this right now.
February 19 – National chocolate mint day – Again, I’ll take it in ice cream form.
February 20 – National Love Your Pet Day
February 21 – National Sticky Bun Day – Now before you get the wrong idea, they are like cinnamon rolls.
February 22 – National Margarita Day – Yes, please.
February 23 – National Play Tennis Day – I’d be on board with this, if it weren’t in February.
February 24 – Open That Bottle Day – Open that bottle of liquor you’ve got saved for a special occasion. Celebrating with me is a special occasion.
February 25 – National Clam Chowder Day
February 26 – Tell A Fairy Tale Day – “Once upon a time, women make the same salary as me for the same job.”
February 27 – National Polar Bear Day
February 28 – National Pink Day – How about pink AND glitter?
March 1 – World Compliment Day – Say something nice about someone, but not me. That just makes me feel awkward.
March 2 – Dr. Suess Day – You know your kid’s school is celebrating too….
March 3 – World Wildlife Day
March 4 – National Grammar Day – Go crazy, Twitter.
March 5 – National Cheese Doodle Day
March 6 – White Chocolate Cheesecake Day – Some of these days are very specific, but I’ll go along.
March 7 – National No Smoking Day
March 8 – International Women’s Day – Celebrate each other!
March 9 – National Barbie Day – 9 year old me is squealing in delight.
March 10 – National Pack Your Lunch Day
March 11 – World Plumbing Day – Finally. I’ve been waiting all year.
March 12 – National Girl Scout Day
March 13 – Ken Day – Because God forbid, Barbie get one thing to herself.
March 14 – Pi-Day – I enjoy how many days I can celebrate by eating pie.
March 15 – Brutus Day – Et tu, Brute? Celebrate the backstabbers in your life?
March 16 – No Selfies Day – That means you, Kardashian family.
March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day
March 18 – National Forgive Mom and Dad Day – This only applies to my children, not me…
March 19 – National Poultry Day
March 20 – World Storytelling Day
March 21 – World Down Syndrome Day
March 22 – Goof Off Day – Let your kids be kids
March 23 – National Puppy Day – I cant celebrate because of the biggest little’s allergies.
March 24 – National Tuberculosis Day – Celebrating the day the cause of TB was discovered, bringing forth a cure
March 25 – National Waffle Day – Breakfast for dinner is always a good idea!
March 26 – National Purple Day – Purple, the best color.
March 27 – International Whiskey Day
March 28 – Something on a Stick Day – Kabob it up!
March 29 – National Smoke and Mirrors Day
March 30 – National Pencil Day
March 31 – Crayola Crayon Day – This day usually breaks halfway through.

The first quarter of 2018 provides dozens of reasons to celebrate each day. Figure out your own way of honoring each day and honoring yourself, even if it’s not nationally recognized.


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    Meghan January 12, 2018 at 9:48 am #

    “Once upon a time, women make the same salary as me for the same job.”


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