One of the greatest gifts of parenting has been the gift of perspective.  Prior to having children I would not consider myself a flexible or patient person. Even in my early days of being a mom letting go of control and order challenged me. 

I am not a clean freak by any stretch of the imagination.  But I do LOVE a clean and tidy house.  Simple things like no dishes in the sink, the entry way picked up, the formal living room consistently presentable, and laundry in the hamper.  I wouldn’t consider this too much to ask?  Well apparently for my three boys it is. 

I am currently residing with a wanna-be beach bum.  The less clothing the better.  It can be negative 20 out and you can bet he’s walking around the house in shorts.  Just shorts.  No shirt, no socks…just shorts.  As soon as this little guy walks into the house he’s stripping off layers. 

Socks?  He loathes them.  Not that I can judge, because mama does too. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that my house is a graveyard for socks.  EVERYWHERE. Turn a corner, find a sock. Shut a door…yep there’s a sock. Take the cushions off the couch…it’s a sock jackpot. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we have 127 socks we can’t find a match for.

Little nuances like these would have stressed me out and irritated me 10 years ago. But now they make me smile. Random socks, countless water bottles, backpacks in the entry way, sweatshirts hanging off the kitchen chair…. it’s not orderly or tidy….but it’s beautiful.  It means there’s life happening here.  Life with three healthy, active, kids. Life that is full and abundant and wonderful. I am thankful for the socks. Because the little toes that fill those socks are growing faster and faster everyday. 


Somedays we just have to embrace the mess.  Embrace the disorder. Each week, month, and year we are getting closer to the days there will be no socks littered around this home. No noise. No chaos of kids coming and going.

So for today (and maybe next week) we overlook the little messes and head to a movie, lunch, and laser tag. Because sometimes its just easier if the mess is out of sight and out of mind.


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  1. meghan
    meghan February 5, 2018 at 9:21 am #

    “127 socks with no matches” hahaha! yes, exactly this.

  2. Kate of {dirt+heels} February 17, 2018 at 1:04 pm #

    This is our house!! Only it’s not just my son, but also my husband. The most interesting place to find them? Under the kitchen table after dinner!

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