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Ermahgersh MAKEUP. Super honesty time: I LOVE makeup. I am not, shall we say, gifted with artistic abilities…except maybe makeup.

Hey Lauren, can you draw a picture of your house?


No, I meant YOU draw it, not your 3-year-old.

I did draw that!

That’s about how my artistic abilities play out with one exception. Apparently there’s a separate area in my brain for shadows and powders.

Before I go on, I must address my newly experienced mommy-ing part of makeup. I’ve had to adjust some things to my makeup routine since becoming a mother. Numero uno: I do NOT want my daughter to feel like she NEEDS makeup to be beautiful and, as a result, I have really had to challenge my own self-confidence. I’ve had to make sure I have makeup free days/times, do my best to apply makeup when she’s not staring at me a.k.a. awake, and emphasize that makeup makes us “fancy”, not pretty. These are just philosophies that are within our household and, of course, no judgies if you have a different take. 

Another big shift is the sheer amount of TIME I’m able to devote to such endeavors. There are weeks where showering is a precious commodity, much less makeup application.  I used to spend an hour getting ready…everyday. Oh, the days. Now, unless I want to wake in the wee hours before my husband leaves, I have to apply makeup with a small human intervening every 3 seconds. Due to this practical conundrum speed is of the essence.

Thus launched this blog post:

5 Minute Morning Mommy Makeup

Since I haven’t mastered anything close to expedient makeup application, I sought the expert wielding and wisdom of PURE Hair Studio’s Makeup Artist and Brow Expert Mckinzi Gomez. She walked me through her favs, do’s and dont’s and tips for the momma who means makeup business. She’s got 5 essential steps for quick everyday morning makeup. I tried ‘em out and was SOLD. I loved my makeup, made it to church on time, and the amount of makeup felt “just right” for a daily application.

  1. Step One: CC Cream. Mckinzi recommends CC Cream (or BB Cream…or ZZ Cream, YY Cream etc.) since it provides great coverage, works for all skin types and typically has an spf. I used Super Goop and LOVED IT.

  2. Step Two: Concealer. This is Mckinzi’s NUMBER ONE MAKEUP TIP: always apply concealer in an upside down triangle with a concealer brush and blend with a beauty sponge.

  3. Step Three: Brows. She suggests a pencil for beginners, making short hair like strokes to fill in color. Use the spoolie (brush-lookin’ thing) on the end to blend. I usually brush the hairs upward, draw a line at the bottom, brush the hairs downward, draw a line at the top, make short hair like lines in the center, and blend blend blend.

  4. Step Four: One shadow. This was my favorite makeup tip. Mckinzi recommends a light pink color with some shimmer for everyday. I typically stay away from colors like these but Mckinzi swore they look good on every skin tone so they’re a great go-to. Since she, like, ya’ know, has expert in her title…I tried it and was SO IN LOVE.

  5. Step Five: Mascara of course! Curl with a curling wand then swipe a couple swipes on top and bottom lashes.


FAST & FURIOUS: Trying to go on a date but have about 3 minutes between kid drop-off and romance? Mckinzi suggests adding a quick swipe of a bold lip color, a light smudging of the bottom lid with a dark shadow color (I used a very thin makeup brush), and adding a layer of foundation over the primer. I tried the first two steps (b/c I was super digging my CC Cream) and it came out like this:

$$$ BUDGET BOOSTER $$$: On a budget? Mckinzi recommends splurging on a high quality foundation/CC Cream and Primer, but says you can SAVE and buy setting powders and mascara  as cheap as you want. When using a low cost mascara, she advises always using a curling wand. 

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