I’m good alone in my home, my van or even the grocery store, but there are certain places I’m not good going solo. 

How many times have I  really wanted to go to a movie or restaurant but don’t go because 

  1. My husband can only handle so many chick flicks or cafes without meat, potatoes and buckets of BBQ sauce on the menu
  2. My Momma friends are crazy busy with their kiddos and our free times aren’t matching up
  3. I don’t have any other friends
  4.  I don’t even want to ask cause everyone is probably busy! 
  5. Mom guilt-don’t go have fun, because there’s probably 5 loads of dirty laundry at home. 

I decided I could attempt 3 different places alone based off of places that terrified me most to be alone. 

  1. Movie Theater
  2. Restaurant
  3. Gym

Movie Theater: 

This one might sound weird because you just sit in a dark room and watch a movie so what’s the big deal, right? I have no idea why, but it just seems scary to me.

There’s the somewhat irrational fear of : What if I need to go the bathroom and I leave my popcorn and drink there and someone poisons it while I’m gone?  Probably not going to happen but, hey, its 2018, seriously. 

The other irrational fear of: What if someone sees me alone and thinks, wow, no one wanted to come with her to the movies. That’s dumb. Who cares what others think? Right? 

I’m not sure that I’ll be making solo movie theater trips a regular thing but no one poisoned my drink, and if anyone thought I was weird being alone didn’t tell me so it’s all good.


I feared this one the most and kept putting it off. Technically I didn’t go to an actual restaurant, because I chickened out. I did have to say “table for one” and be waited on so I suppose it sort of counts? 

I felt weird sitting by myself, I was the only one there alone, with my book to keep me company. I missed not having anyone to talk to, but I don’t regret it because I have wanted to go to Cafe d Marie for so long but it never fit anyone’s schedule to go with me(and the food was AMAZING!)


Okay so if you know me at all you know I live in the gym so why would I choose this when my husband and I own QC Barbell Davenport? The number one reason I hear from women why they won’t go to the gym is that they don’t what to go by themsleves. I think this is also why group class are such a huge hit, it takes the stigma away of wandering around alone at the gym and the wandering around not having a plan in the gym. So I took myself to a global gym, alone, and it was hard. I was out of my comfort zone, not knowing the rules or where the equipment all was. I also had a tough time asking for a spotter and ended up modifiying my training that day. Typically I feel energized leaving the gym, after hard training and commiserating with others but this day u felt none of that. I don’t say this to dissuade anyone from going to the gym alone, but if you don’t leave your workout feeling great and awful st the same time- find something that will make you feel that way- it matters! 

I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot in life from this fear of doing something alone. Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived well.  We are all in the trenches day to day with our kids and we can’t forget to take care of ourselves, mama’s. If we are always waiting for someone to go with us or all the laundry to be done we may never get out and live this life to the fullest. 

What holds you back from doing something fun for you? 

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