Are you struggling with painful breastfeeding or lip/tongue tie?

You aren’t alone. Many local moms have been there. And we turned to our friends at Cornerstone Family Dentistry to learn more from the experts. 

Breastfeeding issues are common, but painful feeding is NOT normal.

If you’ve ever breastfed a baby – for one day or 1,000 – you know that issues pop up. Latch issues. Supply issues. Chapped nipples. Clogged ducts. Mastitis.
Oh my. It isn’t always easy. It isn’t always perfect. 
But when you are constantly in pain while breastfeeding, there may be a complicating factor that can be remedied. Constant pain during feeding isn’t normal. 

You can (and should) get help for painful breastfeeding.

Sometimes, moms think that once we’ve left the hospital, we’re on our own. While we often get to talk to lactation consultants at the hospital, it often gets far more overwhelming and challenging when we are at home with this tiny little human to care for.

But you don’t have to go at breastfeeding alone. There are so many wonderful resources in the Quad Cities that can help you at all stages of your breastfeeding journey. 

So what’s a mom to do?
  • Get proper instruction of a lactation consultant. 
  • And in some cases, address a lip or tongue tie.

Our friend Dr. Mindy at Cornerstone Family Dentistry offers consultations as well as intervention for mothers and babies that may be struggling to properly breastfeed due to a lip or tongue tie.

This happens more than you may think.

Cornerstone also partners with a lactation consultant (in their office) to allow for the best support possible for our new mothers.

What to know about lip/tongue tie release

Should a lip/tongue tie release be needed, it can seem scary. But the process is rather straightforward.
  1. Mom, dad, and baby come into the office for a consultation and walk through the procedure with Dr. Mindy.
  2. If the family decides to move forward with the procedure, it is performed during the same appointment using a topical numbing agent (no shots) and a laser.
  3. It only takes about 5 minutes for the procedure after consultation.
  4. Babies are recommended to breastfeed immediately following the procedure and we have a nursery suite available in our new office for the comfort and privacy of mom and baby.
  5. Following the procedure, simple stretching exercises are recommended to prevent reattachment.

From Cornerstone: “We have seen life-changing results with this procedure and believe the procedure in conjunction with appropriate lactation guidance can bring physical and mental well-being for moms!”

And don’t miss Cornerstone’s Grand Opening event on May 31 in their new office. 
(psst: At QCMB, we believe that every mom has to make the best decision for baby. That includes how you feed your baby. No matter what choice you make, we are cheering you on!)


  1. Rachel April 30, 2018 at 10:43 am #

    Our middle child had a very pronounced tongue tie. They fixed it at our pediatrician’s office at his first newborn appointment, which was rather traumatic for a few minutes but we were glad we had it done. I never knew about this issue until my son was born, so thank you for sharing.

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