Motherhood didn’t turn out at all like I expected. 

Before I had children I had so many dreams of what it would be like to be a mom. I believed I would be the coolest mom ever, who did the funnest things ever with her children. That bubble burst shortly after my first child was born. You never dream that your days will be spent unshowered, covered in spit up/cheeto fingers/boogers, arguing with a tween/teenager, tearfully exhausted and sleep deprived. When my kids were still in the baby/toddler phase I remember them bringing me handfuls of “flowers” otherwise known to adults as the dreaded dandelion weed.

Of course at the time I cheerfully accepted the “flower” and put it in a plastic cup with water, only to be thrown out once bedtime hit. I don’t get any “flowers” from the yard brought to me anymore but as I walked past them in my yard it took me back to those days. Right now I’m in the middle of high school and jr high school drama and activities that potty training a toddler almost sounds easier-wait-nope, never mind I don’t ever want to go back to those days. Peace to you Mama’s in the thick of that phase right now, I remember and feel that pain! Ah but the phases and trials of my children as they grow so much resembles that dandelion weed. I accepted every phase like it was that weed that needed to hurry up and go away. I don’t always appreciate how every phase is teaching me something in the process but like the giver of the dandelion weed, its about choosing to love despite their flaws. I can cheerfully accept the phase as the phase that it is and figure out how much patience is needed for eye rolling ( side note: it requires all your patience and your favorite snack or drink along with some exercise to walk right on past eye rolling)  and prepare myself for the next phase that comes like fast pitch softball some days(teens go through phases hourly-its actually called hormones-but you get that) 

I’ve only been a mom for 15 years so I still have much to learn and I’m working on accepting it as if its a beautiful bouquet of roses even if it comes in the form of a dandelion. In 15 more years I probably wont’ look back and remember how awful potty training was or remember how many times my kids rolled their eyes at me or told me how much I don’t understand their life. I hope to look back and laugh at those times with my children and remember all the good times we had instead. 

Motherhood doesn’t come easy or wrapped up like a beautiful gift, sometimes you have to want to see the beauty in the every day, mundane aspects of motherhood, to really appreciate the gift that it is. 


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